Charmed : Episode 1, tonight the new witches arrive in the Pilot of the reboot

After ruffian passions and criticisms, the reboot of Charmed is going to reveal tonight on the CW. What will be the adventures of these three new witches in this driver ?

This is the big night ! For many months now, the reboot of Charmed is on everyone’s lips. It should be said that after the announcement by the CW, critics were numerous, both on the part of the fans of the actresses original. However, after being unveiled little by little, we became curious about this new series. We reserve the pilot of this reboot of Charmed ? The three new witches will they succeed to seduce us ? This first episode of the reboot of Charmed we reserve many surprises as well as some references to the original series, which should delight the fans ! In addition, we will finally learn to know Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Macy’s (Madeleine Mantock).

Charmed : Episode 1, ce soir les nouvelles sorcières débarquent dans le Pilote du reboot

The new witches arrive this evening !

This evening, the pilot of the reboot of Charmed will air on the CW, and the synopsis seems promising although it looks like one of the cult series. After the tragic death of the mother of Mel and Maggie, the two young women face another shock in learning that they have an older sister, Macy. In addition, each of the girls will gradually develop new capabilities impossible. Mel can stop the time, Maggie is going to hear the thoughts of others, and Macy’s has the power of telekinesis. While trying to understand their new powers, and Harry Greenwood brings together the sisters and their reveals that they are actually powerful witches, just like their mother. It will also reveal that he is their be light. The sisters are going to have to make the decision to accept their new destiny and a new duty to protect humanity from the demons that are among us. One thing is for sure, it is that we are looking forward to discover this very first episode of the reboot of Charmed, but in the meantime, take a little look at the photos promo for episode 2 !