Charmed : Episode 9, tonight Mel, Maggie, and Macy’s is preparing a Christmas like no other in the reboot

Tonight, the episode 9 of the reboot of Charmed will air on the CW. Get ready to experience the magic of Christmas in “Jingle Hell”.

Christmas is fast approaching and our three new witches will celebrate their first, as the Charmed Ones. While the episode Halloween of this reboot of Charmed was one of the most successful of this new series, we asked writers we have lined up for us to dive into the magic of Christmas ! Mel, Maggie, and Macy’s will celebrate their first new year’s eve all 3, and they should not be at the end of their sentences… In fact, as we watch the promo video of episode 9 of the reboot of Charmed, the three witches must fight their evil twin ! This Mid-Season Finale promises to be exciting !

Charmed : Episode 9, ce soir Mel, Maggie et Macy préparent un Noël pas comme les autres dans le reboot

Still new adventures !

This evening, we will be reunited with Mel, Maggie and Macy’s to new adventures in this Mid-Season Finale of the reboot of Charmed ! As we learn from the synopsis of “Jingle Hell”, Mel turned to Harry after learning of the information about the magical world that leads to asking many questions… Galvin will be to see Macy and she will be determined not to let fate interfere with their potential relationship. During this time, Maggie will try to maintain the Christmas traditions of her mother and to be enthusiastic to the idea that Parker is a part of it. This episode of the reboot of Charmed is promising. In the meantime The mater, check out the spoilers of the week !