Check out Noah Kahan, the talent who works with Julia Michaels, and walk in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran… This is the #Soundcheck of the week

Noah Kahan is one of the talents that we have to follow very closely in 2019.

Last week in #Soundcheck we did discover Sigrid, the pop artist Norwegian, that will be released very soon first pop album, Sucker Punch. Today, in the direction of the United States since melty is party to the encounter of Noah Kahan. This name tells you maybe nothing for the moment but the singer a native of Vermont is poised to become the next Ed Sheeran : “I’m inspired by anything that surrounds me. I am aware of the reality but to live in the country has brought me a certain point of view on myself. I try to write songs the more authentically as possible.” reveals to us the artist from the small town of Strafford, where resident only 1000 inhabitants.

“It’s amazing for me to go on tour. Play in Paris is like a dream completely crazy.” continues Noah. It must be said that everything went very quickly for the artist. In 2016, he was spotted by the producer rewarded at the Grammy Awards-whose nominations to the ceremony to 2019 are outputs, Joel Little, who has already worked with Lorde and Khalid. The two recorded six songs together. His first single “Young Blood” is entered in the fifth place of the top Viral Spotify and it now has over 23 million streams on the platform. “It is important to work with people that pushes you to give the best of yourself. This is what I find exciting in the collaborations.”

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What an amazing year. 144 MILLION streams and 7 million hours spent listening to my music. You guys have changed my life, and I truly hope you keep listening. So much more to come in 2019. Love you all

A publication shared by Noah Kahan (@noahkahanmusic) on 6 Dec. 2018 at 11 :54 am PST

Noah then unveiled the song “Hurt Somebody” on which Julia Michaels made an appearance. With over a million listens in one week, the singer becomes the person to follow very closely. Noah has managed to mix his universe folk inspired by Bon Iver and Ben Howard to pop music. After this tube, Noah was revealed to others as “Come Down” and “False Confidence” : “The music is a kind of therapy for me. I am someone who is very anxious with a lot of doubt. “False Confidence” is a song very important for me because I’m a little lost in trying to be perfect lately. It has helped me to ink in reality.” we said it before mounting on the stage at the Nouveau Casino in Paris last month.

One has the impression that nothing will stop Noah to write good songs. “False Confidence” might sum up why the singer is in the heart of all the discussions at this time : the secret of its success is that it does not take itself too seriously. In a society where the radios are saturated with commercial pop and rap, it’s good to be able to end up with accessible texts such as those of Noah. The artist of 21 years allows listeners to end up with his lyrics and melodies to be authentic and vulnerable. It is 100% certain : Noah Kahan is the future rising star of the music.