Chelsea – Liverpool – 2:0 a Chronicle of the match, goals video!

Челси - Ливерпуль - 2:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

In the match of 1/8 final of the Cup of England “Chelsea” won the “Liverpool”. The meeting was held in London at the stadium “Stamford bridge”.

“Apostrophe” conducted an online broadcast of the match “Chelsea” – “Liverpool”.



Goals: Willian (13), Barclay (64)

Chelsea: Arrizabalaga, Alonso, Azpilicueta, Rüdiger, Zoom, Kovacic (Mount, 42), Barkley, Pedro, Free Wifi Access, Willian (Jorginho, 51), Fat (James, 90).

Liverpool: Adrian, van Dyck, Robertson, Gomez, Williams, Jones (Milner 70), Fabinho, Manet, Lallana (Salah, 80), Minamino, Origi (Firmino, 70).

: Fabinho (61), Milner (76).


Match stats: strikes 17-15, 7-5 in a shot on target, ball possession 41%-59%, angular 4-10, 12-13 fouls.

Match completed! Chelsea beat Liverpool and reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup!

90+2 – mana almost popped one on one after a pass from Fabinho, but rüdiger at the last moment knocked the ball.

90 – Four minutes of compensated for the referee in the second half.

89 – Replacing Chelsea! James came on for Giroud.

87 – rüdiger fell to the turf after contact with the player “Liverpool”. It seemed that the player will not be able to continue the match, but he got up and left on the field.

85 – mount went one on one, but poorly handled the ball, and then broke above the gate.

84 – it is Dangerous! Firmino headed the ball goalwards after a corner near the bar.

82 – Robertson burst into the penalty area and shot along the gate, but the mount blocked the transfer.

79 – Substitution at Liverpool! Salah went on the field instead of Lallana.

76 – Milner foul tore counterattack Chelsea and got yellow card.

74 – Moontime! Giroux went one on one with a close range shot into the crossbar! However, the replay shows that the goalkeeper hands tweaked the ball into the woodwork, so it’s a great save!

71 – Substitution at Liverpool! Milner was replaced by Jones.

70 – Replaced with “Liverpool”! Firmino came on for Origi.

67 – Moontime! Pedro with his half of the field ran one on one, but failed to beat Adrian!

64 – ГОООООООООООООООООООООООООООООООЛ! Barkley picked up the ball in midfield, dragged it through half the field and 18 metres has shot gate! 2-0!

63 – Moment! Mount’s free-kick hit the crossbar!

61 – Fabinho knocked Pedro to 23 meters from the gate and got yellow card.

59 – Giroud after a cross from the flank, received a pass in the penalty area, but was not able to immediately break through and the defenders dispossessed him.

57 – Lallana received a pass in the penalty area from Robertson and tried to shoot along the gate, but the Zoom caught the ball.

55 – Lallana shot from 20 meters, Manet tried to drive the ball into the goal, but not too well and Kepa easily coped with blow.

51 – Replacing Chelsea! Jorginho came on for Willian. The second forced substitution from Londoners in this match.

50 – Problems of Willian. Sitting on the lawn of the Brazilian and probably will not be able to continue the match.

48 – Minamino hidden pass was trying to find Origi in the penalty area, but the Zoom caught the ball.

The second half began!

Statistics of the first half: the shock 11-9, 4-5 on target, ball possession 44%-56%, corners 3-3, fouls 6-5.

The first half ended! “Chelsea” plays with “Liverpool” with the score 1:0.

45+1 – Giroud to head the ball after giving from flank the target.

45 – Two minutes compensated for the referee in the first half.

44 – Willian’s cross into the penalty area, but van Dijk cleared the ball.

42 – Replacing Chelsea! Instead of the injured Kovacic came mount.

39 – Kovacic was injured in a duel with Williams. Doctors ran on the pitch.

37 – it is Dangerous! After giving from flank the ball flew on the 11-meter mark but the Origi, being alone, struck by the gate!

34 – Barkley sent a ball in gate “Liverpool”, but after the whistle. Regretted the referee midfielder that could give him a yellow card.

32 – Willian darted into the penalty area and crossed to the far post to Fat, but the Williams at the last moment knocked the ball in the tackle.

31 – Time! Robertson found in the free mane, which is shot from 11 meters, but the skipper reflected shock!

29 – Willian received a pass in the penalty from Barkley, but his shot was wide of the target. However, the Brazilian was in an offside position.

27 – Williams joined the attack and struck a Curling shot from 22 metres but the ball flew wide of the target.

25 – Fat took off for Kovacic, who struck from 25 metres but the shot was weak and Adrian with no problems and caught the ball.

23 – Minamino burst into the penalty area, beat rüdiger, but the German defender finished the episode until the end and took his ball.

20 – the Supermoment! Manet was struck from three meters, but fell in Kepu. After that the shot twice repulsed the attacks from close range from the Original and Minamino! Incredible reaction!

17 – Dangerous! Alonso free-kick, but the ball flew just wide.

16 – Lallana Barkley brought down 22 metres from goal. Will be a dangerous free kick.

13 – COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Wrong players “Liverpool” near the penalty area, Willian struck from 17 metres and the ball from the hands of Adrian flew into the net! 1-0!

12 – Moment! Willian received a pass in the penalty area and fired a powerful shot from 11 meters, but Adrian is an incredible way reflected shock.

11 – Dangerous! Barkley struck the monstrous power of the shot from distance and the goalkeeper of “Liverpool” already pushed back from the ball. However, on the rebound no time.

9 – the Original cool beat on the flank Azpilicueta and hung in the penalty area, but Manet failed to break through on goal. Disgruntled forward, he believes that he fouled. However, the arbitrator did not record a violation of the rules.

7 – it is Dangerous! Azpilicueta has the ball goalwards after a corner kick, the ball flew to the far post, where it almost reached rüdiger!

6 – Pedro received a pass in the penalty area, but hesitated before striking, and Williams’s tackle knocked him the ball.

3 – Moment! Robertson burst into the box from the byline and passed to Manet, who got off a shot from 10 metres and the skipper caught the ball!

The match is underway!

This was the third meeting between the teams this season. Earlier, Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties in the match for UEFA super Cup (2:2, foams. – 5:4) and was stronger than the London teams in the championship game of England (2:1).

In the previous round of the tournament, “Chelsea” defeated “hull city” with the score 2:1, and “Liverpool” was stronger than “Shrewsbury town”. The first match between teams ended with score 2:2. In the replay the “Reds” won with the score 1:0.


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