Child care centres and primary schools will re-open from the 11th of may [VIDEO]

Garderies et écoles primaires rouvriront à partir du 11 mai [VIDÉO]

The prime minister François Legault, accompanied by the minister of Health Danielle McCann, at a press conference in Quebec city, Monday

27 April 2020 12h53

Updated at 22h01


Child care centres and primary schools will re-open from the 11th of may [VIDEO]

Garderies et écoles primaires rouvriront à partir du 11 mai [VIDÉO]

Olivier Bossé

The Sun


The primary schools and daycares in Quebec will re-open from the 11th of may, in two weeks. For the region of Montreal, this will be a week later. With regard to secondary schools, cegeps and universities across the province, the return to the classroom wait at the end of August.

This was confirmed by the prime minister François Legault, Monday, during his usual press conference early this afternoon on the situation of the COVID-19.

“It was the O. K. of the public Health. So, this is not a decision that is on the mouth, it is the science,” he insisted.

School attendance will remain non-mandatory by the end of this school year, at the end of June.

Quebec will become the first province in canada to reopen its childcare centres and schools.


Update of Quebec on the COVID-19 on 27 April

The Sun, Frédéric Matte

The decision to keep the school students and the oldest in the house is based on their ability to follow the course at distance and the desire to avoid to see them take the public transport to assault.

Always flanked by the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, and the minister of Health and social Services, Danielle McCann, Mr. Legault said that the children of the Montréal metropolitan Community (CMM) will have to wait until may 19, the day after the leave the Day of the patriots.

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Re-opening of schools: the number of students and teachers remains unknown

The CMM comprises nearly half of the population of Quebec, with Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, but also the whole of the southern suburbs up Reluctantly and the northern suburbs up to The Assumption.

Educators hidden

MESSRS Legault and Arruda have repeated the point to which the reference spacing physics of two metres between each person remained paramount, at the risk of having to go back and impose a new containment general.

As this distance will be very difficult to keep the toddlers four years and under in child care services, early childhood, the prime minister has indicated that the educators in day care centres will be equipped with a protective mask to do their work.

To DISCOVER : the detailed map of The Covid-19 prepared by Benoît Lalonde, head of practical work and research in the Department of geography, and Stéfano Biondo, cartothécaire at the Centre GéoStat of the Library, Université Laval

Maximum of 15 students will be admitted in each class in primary schools. If there is a lack of space, the schools are empty and available, noted Dr. Legault. As to a possible lack of teachers, while a shortage existed already before the crisis, and that the rate of absenteeism will be higher, the use of students in education is considered.

Dr. Arruda promises a lot more screening of the COVID-19 in the next few weeks. The average of 5000 tests per day base will have exploded > soon to be 15 000. Even that “when we are going to have the new PCR on the site (with results on-site], we’ll be able to likely to increase to 20 000, 30 000 tests. It is part of the terms of déconfinement that we have put in place”.

Roadblocks lifted

Travel between the regions little affected by the new coronavirus will be permitted again, but all gatherings are prohibited until further order.

“The road blocks would be kept in a perspective of a population to very, very, very high risk of complications. But, overall, it will be less in the compel. But, like anything, the lower ratings of problems that could happen, it could be, as in other things, put in place,” said Dr. Arruda.

The balance sheet daily reported 84 new deaths in Quebec in the last 24 hours, bringing the total of dead to 1599. Of these 84, 75 living in community accommodation and care for seniors.

The number of confirmed cases in Quebec is now 24 982 cases, 875 more than the day before. This number, 1541 are hospitalized, of which 210 to the intensive care unit, and 5517 are considered to be recovered.

Mr. Legault indicated that 11 000 new people volunteered in the last days to go to help in NURSING homes understaffed. Some are already at work, and the prime minister was very hopeful of finally filling the last vacancies. In addition, 400 of the 1000 military promised by the canadian army will arrive on Wednesday, but no date for the rest of the quota, which could ultimately be limited to 675.

The details of the plan déconfinement child care centres and primary schools will be known later in the day, while the ministers of Education and the Family will hold a joint press conference at 15: 30.

The part of the plan of déconfinement about the companies will be unveiled on Tuesday.— Since last week, 11 000 new people have proposed their application to come and work full-time in the residences for seniors.

Garderies et écoles primaires rouvriront à partir du 11 mai [VIDÉO]

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