Child care: the minister of the Family, deny his word, say teachers

Garderies: le ministre de la Famille renie sa parole, disent les éducatrices

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In a press release, the CSQ accuses the government caquiste of having “betrayed his word not once, but twice” on the refund of the parental contribution.

The minister of the minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, is a “wind vane” and his word has little value, consider the charge of care services in family environment who accuse him of reneging on his promise to compensate them for the parents who have chosen to keep their child at home during the pandemic.

A “statement” sent on Friday by the department is the source of this indignation of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) and the Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec.

The document reveals that Québec be liable to pay child care for the places that cannot be occupied due to the decrease in the number of children per educator authorized by the public Health.

The union had, however, understood that the government is willing to pay also note to parents who fill in a form, where they indicate that they will keep their child at home until the return to what would be normal in the network — the 22nd of June in cold areas, and on the 13th of July in the hot zone, which allowed them to book a place.

At the beginning of may, apologizing for having incorrectly said a few days earlier, that the spaces would be kept free of charge until the 1st of September, the minister wrote on Facebook that the parents ” will not have to pay before the return TO THE NORMAL network, this spring or this summer, when we will allow a return of 100 % of the children “.

In a press release, the CSQ, therefore, acknowledge the government caquiste of having “betrayed his word not once, but twice” on the refund of the parental contribution.

The decision “offends deeply,” notes the central association. “We have the unpleasant impression of having been deceived by a minister, who was yet committed publicly on several occasions about it,” laments the president of the CSQ, Sonia Ethier.

The union did not return the minister to force the childcare centres and parents to pay the note, all the more that the decision is retroactive to may 11, in the cold zone, and the 1st of June, in the hot zone.

In the case of parents who refuse to pay the contribution, the educators fear that they may be all the more penalized that they will not receive the subsidy that the government typically pays for each place occupied.

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