China launched the world’s first satellite on the back side of the moon

Китай запустил первый в мире спутник на обратную сторону Луны

China first in the world to launch a probe that will sit on the opposite side of the moon, writes The New York Times. Rocket probe was launched from the Xichang launch site in Sichuan on December 7.

The purpose of the probe is to deliver to Earth samples of soil from the moon. The probe also explores radiosity on the back side of the moon to investigate the possibility of deployment of astronomical telescopes.

Chinese scientists plan to conduct on the moon an experiment to study photosynthesis of potato — the lunar orbit will send a container with him. Scientists also will test how the effect of weak gravity on the eggs of silkworm.

It is planned that the probe will sit at the moon in January.

The company SpaceX Elon musk will orbit the satellite, which is seen from Earth is its only purpose. The cost of the project amounted to $1.3 million.

Also Elon Musk, whose joke caused a collapse of Tesla stock, decided to create the robots “mecha” anime.

The SpaceX company has called the name of the first space tourist, who circled the moon. It will be a Japanese billionaire. The moon will also travel to the Japanese space ship.