China says it wants to comply with the trade agreement with the United States

La Chine dit vouloir respecter l’accord commercial avec les États-Unis

Photo: Agence France-Presse
China has promised to increase to $ 200 billion over two years to its purchases of american products compared to the level of 2017.

China reiterated Tuesday its commitment to implement the trade agreement with the United States, after a chinese newspaper has sown the seed of doubt by referring to the desire of Beijing to renegotiate the text.

Interviewed Monday on such an assumption, Donald Trump had already categorically ruled out the idea during a press conference at the White House.

The Chinese “would like to reopen trade talks for an agreement more favorable to their interests,” said the american president.

“No, I’m not interested “, “first, let’s see if they respect the agreement they have signed,” he added.

Citing sources close to the government, the chinese newspaper Global Times, whose editor-in-chief is deemed to be close to the spheres of power, had assured on Monday that “the voice of war” were now heard in China.

“Some have called for new negotiations” in the wake of the “malicious attacks of the United States” against Beijing, particularly on the management of chinese epidemic COVID-19, indicated the newspaper known for its nationalist positions.

Questioned on this hypothesis and on about Donald Trump, Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, appeared Tuesday to evacuate the assumption of a renegotiation.

“The first phase of the comprehensive economic and trade agreement sino-u.s. benefits to China, the United States and the world,” he emphasized during a press conference.

“The two parties must adhere to the principles of equality and mutual respect and jointly implement the agreement. “

The chinese negotiators and american involvement Friday, during a telephone conversation, to apply the text signed in January after almost two years of war commercial with shots of customs taxes punitive.

Under the terms of this agreement, the authority Trump has committed to postpone any further increase of customs duties.

The Chinese on their side have promised to increase to $ 200 billion over two years their purchases of american products compared to the level of 2017.

According to the financial agency Bloomberg, which did not specify its sources, China has increased its purchases of soybeans in the United States. More than a million tonnes have been commissioned in the past two weeks, she said.

The pandemic of COVID-19, which appeared the end of 2019 in China, has aggravated the tensions between Washington and Beijing.

The administration Trump accuses the chinese authorities have been slow to alert the world to the epidemic, and therefore to be “responsible” for its propagation and the current economic crisis.

In addition, Donald Trump and his secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, suspect now Beijing has concealed a laboratory accident that would have been at the origin of the pandemic.

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