Chris Brown is devastated since the reconciliation of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel ? The rumor of the week !

While Rihanna and Hassan Jameel would rabibochés, Chris Brown would have been wiped out as a result of this reconciliation. This is the rumor of the week !

Chris Brown has never lost hope of reclaiming his former girlfriend, Rihanna. The two former lovebirds have never cut the bridges since their last break-up, in reality they would be in constant contact despite their separation. A few days ago, we were even asked if a reconciliation was not to be expected between Chris Brown and Rihanna, the singer flirtaoit with his ex via social networks. While the siren barbadian was single, the interpreter of “Loyal” thought of being able to retrieve it. “Chris is thrilled that Rihanna and Hassan were officially separated”, explained a source close to the singer, adding that the latter had even marry Rihanna. However, the young woman appears to have finally reconciled with Hassan Jameel. The two lovers were spotted together this week. Chris Brown would then be wiped out by their reunion ! This is the rumor of the week.

Chris Brown dévasté depuis la réconciliation de Rihanna et Hassan Jameel ? La rumeur de la semaine ! 

Chris Brown feels betrayed by Rihanna !

Chris Brown saw all his hopes dashed when he heard that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were reviewed head-to-head and would be reconciled. “It is completely devastated because he didn’t see it coming “He had no idea that Rihanna may still be in contact with Hassan. He was really persuaded that they had definitively broken. In his eyes, it was a stab in the back when he learned that they were there for a romantic dinner. Chris takes it really bad because he had really started to have hope. He had even planned to make an incredible gesture for Christmas to show him how much he wanted to it. But it is out of the question that he does now that he knows that something is happening even with Hassan.”, admitted a source. One wonders, however, if Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are really separated. The two lovers seemed always as accomplices when they have been spotted together.