Chris Marks (Dancing with the stars 9) : Season 10, edition all-stars, confessions on Clement R?miens and Iris Mittenaere… It tells us all on the occasion of the tour So, we dance ?

After the end of Dancing with the stars 9, Chris Marks is entrusted in exclusive to melty to us about his new show, “So you dance ?” which goes on tour.

While a dancer of Dancing with the stars 9 has given its new after being severely wounded, the juror, the most iconic of the show is entrusted to the exclusive melty. Without a jacket extravagant but still wearing his banana, Chris Marks is income on the last edition of the contest of dance of TF1, on the victory of Clement R?miens, the journey of Iris Mittenaere which has meanwhile pushed a rant about his relationship with Anthony Colette’s Dancing with the stars 9, and his new show. In the month of April 2019, Chris and his wife Jaclyn Spencer will launch the tour “So, we dance ?” in France, surrounded by several personalities in a grandiose setting. Check out his interview just below !

Chris Marques (Danse avec les stars 9) : Saison 10, ?dition all-stars, confessions sur Cl?ment R?miens et Iris Mittenaere... Il nous dit tout ? l'occasion de la tourn?e Alors, on danse ?

melty : Hey Chris ! After Dancing with the stars 9, we’ll see you with the tour “So, we dance ?”. How came the idea of this project ?

Chris Marks : Since I arrived in France in 2011 for Dancing with the stars, I became the artistic director and then the artistic producer assistant of the show. Then, in 2016, I started to do the staging for other projects (The NRJ Music Awards, Star 80 the tour, those Dancing with the stars). This is ultra nice to work with prestigious brands. But two years ago, my wife and I really had the desire to begin to create projects of any piece of writing and it’s like “So, you dance ?” has seen the light of day. My strength is technology (projections, 3D…) and we wanted a show that corresponds to it, along with the traditional dance but in an original way.

melty : You work with your partner Jaclyn Spencer, who handles the choreography and you of the stage. It was obvious to you ?

Chris Marks : It is really a buddy, it’s been 20 years that we are living and working together. And it was this ability to garner a huge volume of work and we know each other so much that it was sometimes not even need to talk to know in what direction we want to go. So yes, it was a no brainer, even if I have a little more hand on the staging and the choreography, although we exchange sometimes from time to time.

melty : You have won three titles of champion of the world of salsa with your wife. What is your best memory with it ?

Chris Marks : Our best memory in common and that was after winning our first world championship salsa. We were invited by the ambassador of Great Britain to Cuba. Her daughter had seen one of our shows and wished that his father could see him. A few weeks later, the ministry of foreign affairs English contact us to send us an official invitation. Once landed there, we spent three weeks in a dance of cuban troops, to make demonstrations. But the consecration, it is that we were asked a day we produce at the cabaret Tropicana of Havana, who is an institution. But in order to do so, the cabaret has had to obtain the permission of Fidel Castro. It was a time strong enough for us !

melty : Will we be entitled to some surprises during your show ?

Chris Marks : The show itself is surprising. It’s going to be a world first because I divert techniques in the world of the great illusion, holography. I put forward my expertise as a stage director of the concert. We are going to really dive the dancers, artists and singers in the mad universe. Visually, it’s going to be strong enough because it is something that we have ever seen in a theatre in any case. Musically, there is everything, since it goes from old school to today’s music, and there will be guests who will alternate as Sandrine Qu?tier, Heloise Martin, Tatiana Silva, and many other…

melty : For this project, you are also surrounded by Christophe Licata and his wife Coralie. Why this choice ?

Chris Marks : This first project is so much our baby we had to really want to work with friends, people with whom we laugh every day.

Chris Marques (Danse avec les stars 9) : Saison 10, ?dition all-stars, confessions sur Cl?ment R?miens et Iris Mittenaere... Il nous dit tout ? l'occasion de la tourn?e Alors, on danse ?

melty : What are your relationships with the other professional dancers of DALS ?

Chris Marks : I get along super well with them because we still lived something pretty amazing with Dancing with the stars. We do not think the success it has had in the last nine seasons. For five years, I was in charge of the tour Dancing with the stars so all the dancers came with me and we shared magical moments in contact with the public. I have a lot of respect for them, they are doing a fabulous job.

melty : With whom you get along the best (apart from Christophe) ?

Chris Marks : Denitsa Ikonomova, it is the girlfriend.

melty : With that it was a bit more complicated at the beginning ?

Chris Marks : The departure of Gr?goire Lyonnet, who is really one of my buddies with Aliz?e, because he was having trouble because I am a stickler at work. I d?celais a talent of crazy in him, and the first two seasons he told me he was not expecting at all to this discipline. These are the dancers who are from areas competitive and when they landed in DALS they do not realize what it takes to develop to be good on the show. It is not enough to be a great dancer, since it is necessary that they reveal an eye of a choreographer and a lot of other things they need to learn very quickly.

melty : A tour of Dancing with the stars 9 is it planned ?

Chris Marks : The tour takes a break this year. We did the five seasons that have super well but I really wanted to create something new. It is well also to say that Dancing with the stars allows to present the dance differently. “So, we dance ?” is written as a film script, there are scenes filmed, the dance on stage… But this is a show that we might not be able to present before DALS.

Chris Marques (Danse avec les stars 9) : Saison 10, ?dition all-stars, confessions sur Cl?ment R?miens et Iris Mittenaere... Il nous dit tout ? l'occasion de la tourn?e Alors, on danse ?

melty : let’s come Back on season 9 of DALS. What do you think of the winner Clement R?miens ?

Chris Marks : I love Clement. There’s something quite interesting with him because he is shy and quickly impressed by the direct, but at the same time it hides a real inner strength. He is determined, hard worker, rigorous. He has the physical ability excellent and that we had identified from the outset. So yes, it’s a super winner for this season 9.

melty : How do you explain that Denitsa Ikonomova has four times won the contest ?

Chris Marks : That is an excellent coach. It is a particular job to be a dancer and a coach in Dancing with the stars. It must sometimes be a psychologist to help the celebrity to push his limits. It is necessary to be comfortable in the interviews, on the plateau to make conversation… This is not obvious. Denitsa, it is one of our timeless values in the program because it is a real worker. She was lucky also to have partners who had in them the capacity to reach this level of competition.

melty : what is it that has failed to Iris Mittenaere to take the trophy ?

Chris Marks : Honestly, all it lacked was nothing. I think that would have been able to go in both directions this evening. At time T, Clement may have had the moment of energy, adrenaline and connection with viewers that helped make the difference. But Iris has done a superb work during this season, it is true that I reprochais a little bit not to be too connected in her body and not be quite explosive. But when she got to the final, she has given everything she had to give.

melty : What did you think of the arrival of Camille Combal in the show ?

Chris Marks : It is top ! (laughter). To be at the top, it takes work, a certain level of discipline and self-confidence. Camille would have been able to get the hands in the pockets and say that he was going to just be enough to make some jokes to succeed. But no, he knew that he was still in front of the animators who were powerful and he worked very hard. It has created an ambience of a band of friends on the shelf, and even we (the jury, editor’s note) it felt different. I spent a season to laugh and I think that it is thanks to him and his approach.

Chris Marques (Danse avec les stars 9) : Saison 10, ?dition all-stars, confessions sur Cl?ment R?miens et Iris Mittenaere... Il nous dit tout ? l'occasion de la tourn?e Alors, on danse ?

melty : Shy’m with that you’re very complicit, has made its big return this season. What is it you find ?

Chris Marks : I was super happy. It is true that Shy’m is the girlfriend and the great thing about it is that I have noticed a change in her. I detected a kind of maturity in his logic, his approach, his artistic side and his appreciation of the performance. She grew up and it is super interesting to see the more assured than before.

melty : A season 10 of Dancing with the stars is it already planned ?

Chris Marks : We have not yet talked about it but what I can say is that the balance sheet is still very good. It is a season to success, we restarted the machine and the audience followed us… It’s touching !

melty : You would like to see what artists in the show ?

Chris Marks : I just saw a film called Bohemian Rhapsody , and in which Rami Malek plays. I found oufissime and him for once it would be a super thrill to see him in a season of DALS !

melty : If a season of all stars is organized, you would like to see the return of what personalities ?

Chris Marks : In my wildest dreams, it would be… Matt Pokora, Amel Bent, G?rard Viv?s that impressed me (laughs). I would like very much Aliz?e, Lo?c Nottet, Laurent Maistret… That would be a heck of a season, but these are people who I like a lot.

melty : A word for the readers of melty ?

Chris Marks : I’m a big kiss to the readers of melty ! Spend wonderful holidays of the end of the year, have fun with your family. I count on you to find you on “So, you dance ?” everywhere in France.