Christian bale surprised fans

Кристиан Бэйл удивил поклонников

Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that the original speech at the “Golden globe” said Christian bale, who received the award in the category Best actor in a Comedy.

The actor thanked Satan for what he inspired his performance as dick Cheney. Reminded that he does have a British accent. Consulted with his wife, SIBI, to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

But, best of all, the star of the films “Batman” and “Prestige” tell us a little about your home dictionary. It turned out, the actor calls children “Banana” and “Burrito”. It would be funny if it were real names, and even spoken on the stage during the presentation of “Golden globe”. But, alas, the children of the Dark knight is normal and not related to food names.

The daughter of actor name of Emmalyn, and she’s 13. Son James, he’s 4 years old.

Bale and Blazic married for 19 years and belong to a particular class Hollywood couples: permanent and invisible. They met when she worked as personal assistant of Winona Ryder, one of her friends Bale. Before SIBI tried myself as a model, actress and makeup artist. When Blazic met her idol, she forgot about her own career and now everywhere accompanies her husband, working with him as a personal producer.

In 2000, the couple married, although bale was known as an opponent of marriage. Once in an interview with Easy Living magazine, he said: “I never planned to marry. Everyone in my family is divorced, so I didn’t have healthy ideas about marriage.” But that all changed when he met SIBI.

Bale is known for his closeness. “I think I’m entitled to the same confidentiality as all normal people,” says bale. So about the personal life of an actor is little known. Today he just opened the door to fans in your family. Congratulations on the well deserved award the family of bale-Blazic, including Banana and Burritos, writes