CHSLD, the field of battle

CHSLD, le champ de bataille

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
A member of the canadian armed Forces dispatched to CHSLD Villa Val of Trees, Laval, adjusts his mask before entering the residence.

As a result of the lack of 2000 full-time workers in NURSING homes of the province, the existing staff is asked to provide the minimum care to patients. Seniors remain bed-ridden for days, others are tied to their beds, most no longer receive a bath for weeks and some do not eat even more to satisfy their hunger.

“Yes, there is negligence, but there is no careless employees, dropped Marie-Michelle Funk, a volunteer who went to lend a hand in a private CHSLD in Laval last week-end. There’s just not enough people for all the tasks to perform. “

There, the corridors were emptied of a large part of their staff, patients with wandering are tied to their beds, other residents were found lying in their excrement, not to mention the meals, which are served late and for which there is a lack of hands to carry them to the mouth of the patient.

“I have the impression of being in a war zone, says Lyne Prune, a nurse auxiliary who has renounced the Benefit of canadian emergency to go and offer his help in a CHSLD. It is as if I arrived in the middle of Africa, after an earthquake ; it should look like this, but it is here, among us. “On his second day of work, she was given to twenty patients alone, without knowing where was all the medical equipment, without being able to offer the care required, and without even knowing the codes of the doors blocked off automatically.

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Five NURSING homes in the Montréal region were awarded Monday with the support of the canadian army. In all, 65 members of the armed Forces were deployed to accommodation centres Villa Val of Trees (Laval), Manoir-de-Verdun, Yvon-Brunet (Ville-Émard), from the Hospital of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and Valeo (Saint-Lambert).

Help like that of the army, it takes time, and much more, argues that nurse auxiliary. “I’m coming, and I cry back, but I tell myself that if I do not return there, there will be no one to take care of these people,” she said in one breath, completely exhausted.

The minimum

The CHSLD Fernand-Larocque, Laval, 84 % of the residents are infected by the COVID-19. “We were told not to give baths. We let the residents in cover all day and are up most of their beds. We did the minimum. It is made to do what we can, ” said a clerk to the recipients, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.


CHSLD, le champ de bataille

As of Monday, 962 new people had been reported as positive to the COVID-19, for a total of 19 319 confirmed cases. In total, 1169 persons were hospitalized (+ 67), of which 198 are in the icu (+ 15). Quebec counts 62 new deaths from the coronavirus, for a total of 939.

On one floor, virtually all patients are in contention, does it. “For some time, it was the same office in front of their doors so that they wouldn’t come out. “

Members of staff regularly based in tears, tells another worker in the same establishment. On the weekends, during which the lack of personnel is even more striking, are even more difficult. There is not all the time of the supervisor on the floors. “It is a mess,” she said. “There are patients who have large wounds that are expanding. It is awful. Their nails have become so long. Many have diarrhea and are found in the morning in their poop. “

The residents are lost. “They are afraid. There are even some who shakent. We no longer have the time to talk to them, reassure them. We are the only people they see, and we seem to be aliens. “


In Montreal, employees of CHSLD tell also have been encouraged to offer the minimum of care to their patients, because of lack of personnel.

“The baths are perceived as an overhead […] It’s really intense,” says a woman to the beneficiaries of the CHSLD Cartierville. The woman requested anonymity because she fears reprisals. Many warnings have been issued to employees to ensure their silence.

“We always understand that one does not have the right to denounce them ; it is the omerta “, note the attendant, who entrusts him cry every night. What the afflicted, it is to realize that the institution could become a focus of infection. “Employees are sent from one unit to the other, so that there have been five reported cases, and there are dozens of suspected cases,” she said.

Another employee of the same establishment even wrote to the minister responsible for seniors, Marguerite Blais, desperate by the situation. “We were told not to we do if we don’t have the time to give a bath, because, anyway, the patients do not receive visits at this time. It is terrible, it is as if I was asked to mistreat these seniors, ” said the other attendant.

“It could be “

According to the ministry of Health and social Services (MSSS), a patient should receive two baths per week. However, the lack of staff has sometimes been to restrict the care of some elders, confirms Régis Pearson, director of the program of support to the elderly of the integrated Centre of health and social services (CISSS) of Laval.

“The shortage of labor in NURSING homes has complicated things […] What you report, it could be, but there is no deposit that has been given in this direction,” says Mr Pearson.


This is the percentage of patients infected by the coronavirus, which emerged alive from the intensive care unit.

He believes a return to the frequency “normal” in the next few days thanks to the new employees being sent as reinforcements to Quebec. “We want to give back to all of our employees the feeling of doing a proper job,” he says.

The CIUSSS of the North Island (NIM) indicates also be aware of some of the difficulties in patient care. “The staff is working to give the urgent care a priority and it may be that some patients have not been raised,” says Emily Jacob, a spokesperson for the CIUSSS-NIM.

The ministry, for its part, maintains that ” it goes without saying that the minimum care required to be insured “. However, he admits ” the situation is critical in some CHSLDS in the network, especially in the region of Montréal, in Laval and Montérégie “.

The cabinet of the minister responsible for seniors, Marguerite Blais, indicates that, despite the exceptional circumstances generated by the pandemic, it is requested that the care offered in NURSING homes are of the highest quality possible. “The reinforcements arrived in our NURSING homes to offer our seniors the dignity they deserve,” notes the firm. Besides, the cabinet of the minister Blais stresses that efforts are also continuing to remind the thousands of people being shown to volunteers through the Web platform JeContribueCOVID19 to lend a hand in the network.


A meeting with the trade unions

The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, must appeal to the unions on Tuesday to arrange a meeting regarding the salaries of the orderlies. Several union leaders were said to have sounded the alarm several times about this, and have had negative responses on the part of various governments. After hearing them, François Legault has emphasized the importance of ” finding a way to increase the wages of the employees to the beneficiaries as quickly as possible “.

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