Claudio Capeo : Collaboration with Kendji Girac, harassment, school tour… He tells us all on the occasion of the release of as long as nothing stops me

Claudio Capeo : Collaboration avec Kendji Girac, harcèlement scolaire, tournée... Il nous raconte tout à l'occasion de la sortie de Tant que rien ne m'arrête 

On the occasion of the release of his new album as long as nothing stops me, Claudio Capéo is entrusted exclusively to melty.

A few weeks ago, Claudio Capéo we spoke of The Voice, his friendships with artists and his participation in the Enfoirés on the occasion of the release of her music video “Your hand”. Since then, his second album as nothing stops me just see the day in this December 7, 2018, of what to come back with the artist on the songs the most notable, prestigious collaborations and projects for the year 2019. Confessions are sincere and surprising for an album colored in which Claudio and his buddies engage in an open heart, while Soprano, Christine and the Queens, Angela and Patrick Bruel were announced at the Francofolies de La Rochelle 2019.

melty : Your second album called as long as nothing stops me just came out. You were impatient ?

Claudio Capéo : Yeah I was impatient, I had the impression that he was already there, as I am the head in. I look forward to the return of people to find out if he really like it and I hope so because I put all of my heart.

melty : In the title “This is a song”, you sing in Italian. Why this return to your roots ?

Claudio Capéo : What are my origins, my parents have always spoken Italian at home. When my mother slept in the evening she sang a small lullaby in Italian. It is also a small gift for them. When I did listen to the title of my mother she started to cry. I find it beautiful and it is a piece that I love. I had the impression of going back to childhood and start out with this song solar on the album I think it’s cool.

melty : who are you on the sound “as long as nothing stops me” ?

Claudio Capéo : I’m singing with Tom Walker. On a plateau, I met Tom and I went to say hello to him. I loved his voice during his rehearsals and I said to myself “this is It, I want that”. I offered him the title, he has listened and it has been agreed. He even made a few small arrangements. It was completely unexpected, I didn’t think he was going to accept, I am very proud of it.

melty : Are there other collaborations on this album ?

Claudio Capéo : there is a “God forgive me” with Kendji Girac. After it is rather the collaboration of writing, for example, with Boulevard des airs that have become friends. They wrote, “And you,” and it has matched direct.

melty : In the song “I move on”, are you talking about the passing of time. Is it something that scares you ?

Claudio Capéo : No. The time passes so quickly and there are so many things to do that actually I am even not aware of it. It is especially the human side, every person is important, here we took the example of the cashier, but the message it is especially not to overlook anyone.

melty : To which is dedicated the title “My pretty” ?

Claudio Capéo : It is dedicated to all the little girls, to children who are pretty darn hard between them in the playground. When I was little, I was really small in size and with my Italian parents, I was doing a lot of grammar mistakes when I was talking about and then they laughed a lot of me. I was not the most to be pitied, it is a lot worse now with kids committing suicide because of the remarks. It was important for me to talk about it.

melty : the Edits you have that, everything stops for you, from one day to the next day ?

Claudio Capéo : No, sometimes I think about it… Is what I would balls or not ? It is sure that it would be weird. But after this will never be worse than before. All that one has lived with the Capéos, there are plenty who would love to live so I’m not going to complain. I have ideas if everything had to stop, I would do the carpentry for example.

melty : What are your future projects ?

Claudio Capéo : Start a tour, see our fans and have fun. It feels good to be on stage and share a maximum.

melty : A little word for the readers of melty ?

Claudio Capéo : I hope that all goes well, I made them big kisses and I am very eager to find them. I thank them again for having brought so high in the past 3 years.