Clement Rémiens (Dancing with the stars 9) : His victory, his relationship with Denitsa Ikonomova and Camille Combal, his projects in cinema… It tells us everything (EXCLUDED)

Clement Rémiens and Denitsa Ikonomova have won the ninth season of Dancing with the stars. The actor of Tomorrow belongs to us is entrusted the exclusive melty after his victory.

Even if Iris Mittenaere has received a declaration from the hand of his partner from Dancing with the stars 9, she has not won the adventure of TF1. Saturday 1st December 2018, that is Clement Rémiens and his dancer Denitsa Ikonomova who hoisted the trophy in front of millions of viewers. After ten weeks of fierce competition, it is ultimately the actor of Tomorrow belongs to us who was able to convince the jury and the viewers. It must be said that the latter had not counted his hours to give the best of himself on the floor. While you can find moments sexiest of the season 9 of Dancing with the stars, Clement Rémiens is entrusted exclusively to melty after his nice victory.

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Wow moments Of friendships unforgettable. Thank you for your simplicity my Denay. Thank you for having allowed me to live these amazing moments, we went to the end thanks to you ❤️????

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melty : You just have to win the ninth season of Dancing with the stars. How do you feel ?

Clement Rémiens, winner of Dancing with the stars 9 : I feel a good energy and I’m super happy !

melty : What was your feeling when you held the trophy ?

Clement Rémiens : It is a particular moment, I was thinking more for nothing I took advantage of the moment. Our reaction was very funny, because we were not aware of it, we kept our eyes closed and we waited to say our name and he spent long seconds before we realized.

melty : was Thinking you win this competition ?

Clement Rémiens : When you reach the final one believes in it a little because it is a chance on both. But during the first prime I was more in the optical switch to the second, and so on. But after the final it is true that we said “hey, why not ?”. Tell yourself that you can win this is dangerous because it does not depend on us, these are the people who choose among them.

melty : What would you say to your partner Denitsa Ikonomova ?

Clement Rémiens : I’m glad to have won this trophy with it. When Agustin Galiana handed me the cup I have not touched I really wanted to be taken every two, because we have earned together through our friendship.

melty : What are your relations since the beginning of the adventure ?

Clement Rémiens : As of our meeting, we had a wide smile one and the other. Since, it really is a friendship that has lasted and that has allowed us to make very beautiful dances where there was passion. This adventure would not have been the same if there had not been this complicity.

melty : What was her reaction when she learned that she won the contest for the fourth time ?

Clement Rémiens : What makes me proud is that she was very happy for me. His source of motivation was to give me the trophy and I like it. We are really thrilled with this victory and it was well celebrated it.

melty : did you Know the show before you participate in it ?

Clement Rémiens : Of a name, but I didn’t really know the inner workings. I watched the dances, but I didn’t see all there was around. Moreover, it was a lot of laughter Denitsa because I was clueless, I didn’t know how the show was taking place at the beginning (laughter).

melty : What memories retiendras you of this adventure ?

Clement Rémiens : I remember the laughs we had, the moments that we spent in Sète, my meeting with the other candidates, my meeting with Iris Mittenaere, with whom we really had fun during this last week, and our qualification for the semi-final and the final.

melty : what has been the most difficult for you ?

Clement Rémiens : The more difficult it is to have had to deal with Dancing with the stars and Tomorrow belongs to us at the same time.

melty : “Now that you have a bit more free time, are you going to fully resume filming Tomorrow belongs to us ?

Clement Rémiens : I’m going to resume filming in January so I’ll have a little rest I’m glad.

melty : You are sometimes injured during training. The pace of work was not too intense ?

Clement Rémiens : My pace of work was very tiring because most of the competition in the month of October has been the busiest for me in Tomorrow belongs to us. Since 1 year and a half that I started the series, it was the month the most complicated. I really had an overload of work, I had double days so that I didn’t have a lot of time. I was stressed all the time to see if I was going to be ready for the Saturday night dance.

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melty : What are your most beautiful encounters ?

Clement Rémiens : I remember a lot of the first bonus where I talked a lot about my stress with Anouar Toubali. It was moving in all directions all the two, it was very similar to the level of stress. Then, I have a lot to exchange with Terence and a friendship is born. Iris I was able to meet her when I spent the last week in Paris with it to repeat our joint delivery and there was a beautiful complicity.

melty : And with Camille Combal ?

Clement Rémiens : I like it a lot, it is someone who has a lot of humour and who is loving. It’s funny too, since I thanked him after my victory because it was in front of me. With the pressure that we have during the adventure, it is important to be well accompanied and it has been good for this program. I was very happy to have him at my side.

melty : do you Think that your victory will allow to further develop your career ?

Clement Rémiens : I hope ! After this is not because we won the show it’s going to fall over. But I would like to have some projects that I like to do, like with Dancing with the stars and Tomorrow belongs to us with which I have no regrets.

melty : What would you do ?

Clement Rémiens : I would like to do a lot of the film. I’d be interested to play a role that requires real learning.

melty : If you are proposing another program, will accept you ?

Clement Rémiens : I discovered Dancing with the stars this year (laughter) and I don’t have time to watch tv so I don’t have too many ideas. I spoke of The Adventure Robinson, who seems not too bad but I don’t know at all.

melty : are you Going to continue the dance ?

Clement Rémiens : Yes I want to continue but as a hobby not to forget everything I’ve learned, it would be a shame.

melty : 3 words to describe your journey in Dancing with the stars ?

Clement Rémiens : Friendship, mind and compassion.

melty : A word for the readers of melty ?

Clement Rémiens : I am very proud to have conquered as the people who voted for me and I think that our friendship with Denitsa also helped us a lot. I am delighted to see that they were sensitive to our work and I am very happy to have lifted the trophy for them.