Clementine: The forbidden fruit of the desire ***

Clementine: Le fruit défendu du désir ***

Clementine: Le fruit défendu du désir ***

Karen (Otmara Marrero), just in love, will fall on the mysterious Lana (Sydney Sweeney).


May 15, 2020 4: 00


Clementine: The forbidden fruit of the desire ***

Clementine: Le fruit défendu du désir ***

Clementine: Le fruit défendu du désir ***

Eric Moreault

The Sun

CRITICAL / The love is proving to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration and can be renewed when it explores a perspective that is unknown. For example, a couple with a partner much older, but involving two women. The youngest will recreate the same model with a mysterious ado… there is the Lolita below — in less sulphur.

Clementine opens with a short video, close-up, where Karen (Otmara Marrero) is awoken by his lover, D. A happiness lost… Helpless and angry, the young woman leaves Los Angeles for the secondary residence of his ex, situated on the edge of a lake.

Breaking and entering, she discovers shortly after the mysterious Lana (Sydney Sweeney), who takes a bath of sun on the dock. It has the charm and the candor of his 19-year-old, who oppose the dismay of Karen, she struggles with the pain of her break up and her letting go.

His feeling of loneliness is exacerbated by the isolation of the place, in the middle of the trees. The director, Lara Jean Gallagher multiplies the plans of nature (photo by Andres Karu is beautiful) and put on the sounds of it (cheeping of birds, wind in the branches) to create a climate that is intimate.

Their taming mutual is not dissimilar to that explored by Céline Sciamma in Portrait of the girl on fire — the grace in the least. Clementine also plays on the tension of the rise of desire unspoken (and unspeakable) between Karen and Lana, but the filmmaker just to establish a real fascination for the viewer.

Clementine: Le fruit défendu du désir ***

A lot of the scenes take place in full nature.

Cinema in the Park

We understand that the Karen replicates the same relationship dominant, dominated, mentor-pupil, she comes to live, form of outlet for the unconscious. But appearances are sometimes deceptive.

And, unfortunately, the scenario takes a turn unexpected and little credible when Karen takes on the role of revengeful towards two men who would have abused Lana.

As often in a first feature, even stripped down like this, Lara Jean Gallagher has sought to multiply the themes and is scattered. Who too embraces embraces evil.

This story of learning, as much psychological drama and suspense, have earned to increase its proposal further, in one direction or the other, rather than relying on the restraint. Clementine is a film modest in many respects and lack of erotic charge.

Remains that Lara Jean Gallagher proves gifted in his ability to create a climate with a minimum of effects. And she managed all the same to recall with happiness the power of seduction which sometimes established quickly between two people, but also its changing nature.

The performance of Otmara Marrero, and, especially, Sydney Sweeney (The used scarlet) manage to maintain the interest.

Clementine had its world premiere last year at the Tribeca film Festival. His output has been compromised by the pandemic, the feature film is offered virtually in a few cinemas “arthouse” in North America. In Quebec, you can watch it on the platform of the cinema in the Park, only in the original English.

The generic

Rating : ***

Title : Clementine

Genre : psychological Drama

Director : Lara Jean Gallagher

Actors : Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney

Duration : 1h30

Le Soleil

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