Coach of the “fitness” look to the classes remotely

Des entraîneurs de «fitness» se tournent vers les classes à distance

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
The pandemic was a major blow to the world of fitness, prompting many coaches to migrate online. Uriel Arreguin and Sheila Rose (photo) have made the jump, for above all, don’t stop moving and inspire others to do the same.

When the break has been declared, areas that used to be in perpetual movement, were stopped in their tracks. And training rooms, emptied of their fans.

The rush to the sports equipment was fierce. Scams online selling, falsely, dumbbells deals have filled the pockets of the fraudsters.

Founder and director of the gym Report Gym, Alessia B. Kofftun saw one of them, the one located in LaSalle, be a victim.

They are gone with all that he was heavier, ” she says. Bars, plates, dumbbells Russian cast-iron, boxes jumping, even. “The funny thing ? They left the computers. It was really fanatical drive desperate!!! “

Alessia laughs, but his situation did not grow to do the same. “Even with the decline of 75 % of the rent offered by the government, I must pay the remaining 25% for my three gyms, insurance, bank charges… If we do not get the green light to reopen soon, we will not be able to hold out very long. “

Like many, the entrepreneur montreal has ” adapted “. Some members of his team, which usually has 15 coaches, offer online courses. At the beginning, it was exclusively on Instagram and on Facebook. And it’s free. But the closure extending, the director has extended the offer on Zoom, where the course will sell for $ 7 a unit. “If one is lucky, there are a dozen participants. And $ 50 will go to the coach. “

Understand, Alessia B. Kofftun doesn’t do much.

She would dream of absolutely not continue to maintain a virtual bid after the pandemic. That it is not. “With all my respect, give workouts in real time, it is our business model. Online resources, there are thirty-six thousand — and fabulous. But we, we are a retail business. “

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Formulas online

Precisely, these on-line resources. They have seen an enormous boost since the beginning of the confinement. As the charismatic youtubeuse Maddie Lymburner, chain MadFit. Trained in ballet, obsessed with fitness, Toronto’s known for its chores to the sounds of pop has managed to attract since the beginning of the confinement, some 1.5 million new subscribers. It’s huge.

Such chains constitute it a competition or a complement to the supply room ? “This is absolutely not a competition, responds without hesitation Sheila Rose. It’s great to see other options is install. “In sum : the more the merrier the merrier.

Except that here, too, everything is not funny. Like many of his colleagues, the bubbly coach that is Sheila Rose was lost in march all of its contracts for private training. And all the group classes, it provides, it also, in Report Fitness.

Positive Point : the pandemic has made her an entrepreneur. And fast. The events have pushed to get ahead of the launch of the platform that it mijotait for a while. Titled Optimal Level, this program is intended… to coaches wanting to develop their practice online. At appointed time, you say ?

“The chaos has created opportunities for us “, as she says nicely.

It should be said that Sheila is not a neophyte to the gym in a digital mode. For the past two years, she leads a program of ” transformation in six weeks “, focused on diet and training. During the pandemic, she said, enrollments have climbed.

This climbs also, this is the question : people will want-they still have to pay for a subscription to the gym once all this is finished ? “Oh, absolutely, assures Sheila Rose. Free, it is attractive in the beginning. But this is not all. “

No, this is not all, confirms Uriel Arreguin. “We need to move, walk, run. We need to dance. “

Teacher at the Club MAA and Club Atwater, Uriel Arreguin did not wait long after the mandatory break to start his program in real time on Zoom. Since then, he has hosted twenty classes per week : workouts, stretching, dance, retro, course, corporate… It offers subscriptions for weekly to$ 35 or classes at the unit for 10$. His faithful pupils followed him. Other joined him. Thirty are found usually in front of their screen. “As a Mexican, I always say : mi casa es tu casa. But as people open their house to train with me, I am doubly grateful. “

Des entraîneurs de «fitness» se tournent vers les classes à distance

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Uriel Arreguin, teacher, Club MAA, and at Club Atwater

Dancer veteran, Mr. Arreguin has constantly come up with new ideas. Fifteen years ago, he launched a course of cardio-dance DVD. “A best-seller !” he smiles. When times change, it follows the movement. Its movement.

Other colleagues do not have this chance. “The situation has caused stress to many teachers, artists, coaches. Not everyone has access to the technology. Not everyone has access, quite simply, a space. “

He says it is lucky to have a little, space. Just enough to dance, and to teach. “In one of my courses, we use what ? A chair. But with it, it is a bar of ballet. Stretching. Of push-ups. “It also manages thematic classes. Life is beautiful, an evening at the French. La Dolce Vita, an evening at the Italian. “It’s a mixture of contemporary, dance, Latin, hip-hop, pop. People put on costumes, they take a drink. They need to live ! This is really annoying between four walls otherwise. It is necessary to find inspiration. “

The very inspired Uriel believes that the virtual is here to stay. But its presence will not eradicate everything. Even if it is on Zoom, some students are less embarrassed than in a gym, himself would relinquish forever to the human contact. The opportunity to participate in real, to what he calls the “outbreak” of one of his students. Is this the time where someone dancing suddenly in complete freedom. “To be a witness of this, it is very valuable. “

The exercises on YouTube, or these ” classes encapsulated “, as he calls them, agree. But for a limited time only. “A course, this is not just “I’m going to tell you what to do”. There is a whole pedagogy, training, a career behind it. And then, of seeing the same video, it’s like watching the same movie. It is platte. “And we know the end.

  • Uriel Arreguin will then give a virtual dance in the framework of the event Outside the Walls of the Place des Arts on Saturday, 30 may at 14 h. His site :
  • The online course Report Fitness :
  • The platform Optimal Level :

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