Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) moving in the trailer to Five Feet Apart

Cole Sprouse is back on the big screen more touching than ever in the role of a teenager sick discovering love in Five Feet Apart !

This is the great return to the cinema of your Jughead favorites ! The star of Riverdale has decided to do some infidelities to the time series of turn Five Feet Apart, a romance drama that the trailer already gives really want. We found Cole Sprouse, who has apparently escaped the curse of child stars of Disney, in a register that he is fond of. The actor has a gift for playing the teenagers taciturn, emotional, hard and powerful. He plays Will, a young boy suffering from cystic fibrosis, a disease that prevents him from approaching anyone less than 5 feet, is approximately 1m50 because of the risk of contagion. Finished the leather jacket and the bike, in the corridors of the hospital, he made the acquaintance of Stella, played by Hayley Lu Richardson. And this girl is also sick that bubbly is going to change his life.

Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) émouvant dans la bande-annonce de Five Feet Apart

Refractory to treatment, Will will learn that life is still worth the blow to be lived, especially if Stella is in the corner. But without being able to touch or approach one another, their budding love is from the beginning subjected to huge constraints. This does not prevent the continue to be and try to live their life without focusing on their medication. A scenario that is reminiscent of the tearing in Our Stars Contrary or, more recently, Midnight Sun, which pleased the both of the love stories in the face of the disease. But Cole Sprouse has put his grain of salt in a plot “already seen,” and his friendship with Hayley Lu Richardson you guaranteed already the tears. A fictional story that does not, however, overshadow the relationship that he interview with Lili Reinhart and fascinates fans. Emotional, generous and always so sarcastic, the actor promises to deliver a performance so delicate that just. See you march 22, 2019 at the cinema to find the movie.