Committee Chyna involved in a fight with a star of the TV-reality, video buzz !

Drama time in Hollywood ! Committee Chyna has recently been involved in a fight with an american television personality.

This is not a secret for anyone ! Committee Chyna has the warm blood, and it should not be too much to seek it. Evidenced by its recent lawsuit against the family Kardashian-Jenner. But when she is not in court, it is scarf publicly with his enemy. If one remembers that she fought with a stranger at the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain last April, the young woman is redoing about it for the same thing. While she was enjoying an evening with friends in Los Angeles, Committee Chyna which no longer has any contact with Rob Kardashian, has tangled with Alexis Skyy, a young woman that one could see in the TV show-reality, Love & Hip Hop. An altercation which quickly ended up on the account Instagram of The Shade Room.

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#PressPlay: #Roommates, now y’all know we had to get the TEA for y’all! Here’s footage of what went down between #AlexisSkyy and #BlacChyna last night ???????? (See earlier post)

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#PressPlay: Oop!! #AlexisSkyy calls out #BlacChyna after she claims she threw a drink on her ????????(SWIPE)

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But what has happened in the past ? Alexis Skyy has been invited by the Committee Chyna in the VIP section but things did not go as planned. Very upset, the young woman took her story Instagram to tell his version of the facts. “After the second glass, this sal*pe is up and out for me : ‘You have to leave’. I tell him : ‘You speak to that ?’ And it continues in me swinging : ‘You’ve got to get up now !’ At that moment, she threw her drink in his face and we started fighting,” she explained, before admitting that she was kicked out of the party. If the latter then waited Committee Chyna in front of the building, they do not ultimately reviewed. Certainly, the atmosphere is tense on the side of our friends the stars. And for more news, please do not hesitate to read our recap’ of the weekend : Brad Pitt to Miley Cyrus, these last two days have been hectic.