Committee Chyna pregnant with twins ? She surprises her fans with this photo !

To the general surprise, Committee Chyna, announced her pregnancy on the social networks. A revelation that is not actually what you think !

At this time, Committee Chyna is in the center of the actu. And for good reason, the young woman is at war with the family Kardashian-Jenner. A trial whose outcome will take place in 2020. Suffice to say that the voltage is quickly up a notch in Los Angeles. And yet, according to the latest revelations, the mother of Dream has decided to make a truce with the father of her daughter. Indeed, Committee Chyna and Rob Kardashian have come to an agreement during the year-end holiday season in order to ward off their hearing in court. But then she began to be more discreet, taking advantage of its new relationship with the rapper a controversial Kid Buu, the influenceuse has once again done talking to them on the net. The reason for this ? She announced her twin pregnancy surprise on the social networks. Finally, almost !

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A publication shared by Committee Chyna (@blacchyna) on 29 Dec. 2018 at 3 :29 am PST

And it is on Instagram that Committee Chyna has decided to make its big announcement by posting the ultrasound of his baby. “When you think that our lives are not enough agitated like that… It looks like 2019 will be even more hectic ! These two will arrive in September,” could be read on the image, before realizing that it was actually a (bad ?) joke : “I do not know who are their parents, but copy/paste this text to scare everyone.” A small stuffing that has not failed to amaze her subscribers. If some have preferred to laugh it off, others have not found it funny. “You want me to dégoûtes. There are people who can’t even have children” launched a user angry. Decidedly, whatever it does, Committee Chyna continues to be controversial. And for more news, please do not hesitate to read our recap’ people of the weekend.