Confirmed the possibility of data transfer with the help of gravitational waves

Russian scientists have studied the ability of gravitational waves to transfer information. And it is not only possible, but also guarantees the transfer of signals without loss.

Подтверждена возможность передачи данных при помощи гравитационных волн

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Mathematics from peoples ‘ friendship University analyzed the characteristics of gravity waves in the General affine-metric space (algebraic structure acting on the concepts of vector and point) — like properties of electromagnetic waves in Minkowski space. They announced the possibility of a spatial information transmission using non-metric waves without distortion. The discovery could provide new ways of data transmission in space — for example, between space stations. The study is published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

Gravitational waves — waves in the curvature of space-time, which, according to the General theory of relativity (gr) is completely determined by the space-time. There are several reasons to consider space-time a more complex structure with additional geometric features such as twisting and numericsort. In this case, speaking the language of geometry, space-time is converted from the Riemann space, under General relativity, the generalized affine-metric space. The relevant gravitational field equations generalizing the Einstein equations show that torsion and numericlist can spread in the form of waves — in particular, in the form of plane waves far from their source.

To describe gravitational waves researchers from peoples ‘ friendship University used a mathematical abstraction — an affine space, that is the usual vector space, but without the source of origin. They proved that in this mathematical representation of gravitational waves there are functions that remain constant during the wave propagation. You can configure an arbitrary function to encrypt any information about the same way as electromagnetic waves transmit radio signals.

Подтверждена возможность передачи данных при помощи гравитационных волн

Information can be transferred through space without distortion using non-metric waves / © Allen Dressen

If scientists can develop a method of incorporating these structures in the wave source, they are without any changes made at any point in space. That is, gravitational waves can be used for data transmission.

The study consisted of three stages. First, mathematicians have calculated the derivative is Whether the function connecting the properties of bodies in two different spaces: affine space and Minkowski space. This allowed the scientists to move from the description of the waves in real space to their mathematical interpretation.

They then identified five arbitrary functions of time, that is, structures that are stable in the process of wave propagation. With their help, characteristics of waves can be placed in the source, thus encrypting any information. It is possible to decipher at any point in space, i.e. it can transmit.

In the third phase, the researchers proved a theorem about the structure of the flat numericaly in gravitational waves. It turned out, three measurement waves of the four (three spatial and one temporal) can be used for encrypting the information signal using one function in the fourth dimension by two.

“We found that non-metric wave can pass data like recent waves of curvature as its description contains an arbitrary function pending time, which can be encrypted in the source of such waves,” explains Nina Markova, research associate, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate Professor Mathematics Institute of S. M. Nikol’skii and employee PFUR.