Confusion reigns around the post of the future attendants

La confusion règne autour des postes des futurs préposés

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty
A future care attendant and his teacher, at the Centre de formation des Faubourgs in Montreal

The minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais, was repeated in all forums Thursday : students who follow the accelerated training of the attendant to the beneficiaries in NURSING homes will get a full-time job and will earn $ 49,000 a year. Beautiful promises that do not pass the test of reality, argue the unions.

“The wages of $ 26 an hour, it is the powder in the eyes,” says Marjolaine Aubé, president of the trade union of workers of the CISSS de Laval.

The basic hourly rate of a care attendant is 20,55 $.

To reach $ 26 an hour, it is necessary to accumulate all the bonuses possible, ” said Marjolaine Aubé, who lists : the premium COVID-19 of 8 % (paid to the employees in the red zone), the cost of attendance of $ 1000 put in place during the pandemic, the premium temporary offered to workers in NURSING homes ($180 for each block of 750 hours), the premium of non-overlapping one-quarter of 2 %, the premium for evening or night as well as the premium end of the week.

“If you additionnes all that, you can make it to $ 26,” she concludes.

And the full-time ? “Forget it ! said Marjolaine Aubé. To make a full-time, it will be necessary that they are available in several institutions. And we don’t want to do this, to avoid the contamination of residents and workers. “

The CISSS de Laval, between 100 and 200 orderlies are on the recall list, writes Marjolaine Aubé. More than 40 % of the posts of attendant, she adds, are part-time. “It is the people part-time and on-call who will go first for the full-time positions, she said. In all unions, the post office, you get it by seniority. “

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The “confusion” reigns

The Duty was arrested Wednesday various CIUSSS and CISSS about the full-time of future employees. The CIUSSS of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal responded on Wednesday by the end of the day, that” currently, we can not guarantee a number of days worked at the end of the training because of our collective agreements “, adding that ” the needs are [however] immense “.

Sylvie Nelson, president of the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, affiliated with the FTQ, believes that the government Legault ” is disconnected of the employment contracts with the institutions.” “It is not his first improvisation,” she says.

The Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS-CSN) argues that the CIUSSS and CISSS are not able to promise full-time positions to future agents currently in accelerated training. “This is what we have told the employer during a round-table discussion that we had with her on Wednesday “, said its president, Jeff Begley. No wonder, he adds, that the “confusion” reigns.

To settle the wage question, Marjolaine Aubé request the government to accept the offer of association. The orderlies wished to obtain a wage increase of $ 3 per hour the first year, $ 1-per-second, and 1 $ extra for the third. Negotiations with Quebec are ongoing.

Despite the issues raised by the trade unions, the minister Marguerite Blais persist and sign. At the end of the day Thursday, his office reiterated that the government would respect its commitment as to salary of $ 49,000 and the full-time of future employees.

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