Coronavirus “steps” in the world: almost 1000 are infected – all the details

Коронавирус "шагает" по миру: уже почти 1000 зараженных - все подробности

Coronavirus, dubbed 2019-nCoV, continues to take lives and spread throughout the countries

“Apostrophe” has collected the latest data about the disease.

The “culprit” flash

Chinese scientists have suggested that the source of the virus can be snakes. They compared samples of the new pathogen in patients with coronaviruses found in different animal hosts. As it turned out, a similar genetic code are two kinds of snakes – the South China krayt multiband and Chinese Cobra.

As you know, in China, snakes are part of the traditional cuisine, some species are edible. Previously, the transmission of the virus to humans from snakes was observed.

Specialist Virology of the Institute of Zoology in Beijing, Zhang Aihua believes that virus transmission to humans from non-human species possible. This is evidenced by the case of zika virus, the carrier of which are mosquitoes. However, the similarity of the genetic code is not a sufficient basis for a categorical conclusion.

Statistics of the dead and infected with a virus

According to the latest data, as a result of infection with the novel coronavirus 26 people died. This was stated by the national Commission of health of China. 24 cases recorded in the province of Hubei (in Central China), where is the epicenter of the infection, and another two in Hebei province (located in the East of the country).

The number of cases of infection increased to 830. 177 a person is in serious condition.

The network witnesses began to publish the footage, the people fall in the street.

Who is at risk

The report of the national Committee on hygiene and public health of the PRC States that older people are much more susceptible to the coronavirus. Age of people who have been in China, the victims of disease, ranging from 48 to 89 years. At least nine dead in Wuhan had chronic diseases: diabetes, ischemic heart disease or Parkinson’s disease. 8 of them were over 80 years, two for 70. The youngest victim of the virus was 48-year-old woman with chronic diabetes, which previously suffered a stroke.

“According to our epidemiological data, young people are not really susceptible to disease,” said the Agency.

The geographical spread

The virus has spread across China, there are cases in Thailand, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Also case of infection recorded in Saudi Arabia. Were surveyed about 100 Indian nurses, mostly from Kerala, working in the hospital of al-Hayat. All but one nurse, did not find an infection with a coronavirus.

In Russia the information about the penetration of the virus into the country was not confirmed.

In Finland is in Ivalo with suspected coronavirus was hospitalized 2 Chinese tourists from Wuhan. Patients samples were taken on Friday morning. They will be sent to Helsinki for analysis. It is known that Chinese family a few days traveled to Lapland, where he arrived from Norway.

How dangerous parcels from China

Known coronaviruses (of the 39 known species, only 7, including the new 2019-nCoV, transmitted to humans) outside the host organism live an average of several hours to a couple days. Considering that parcels from China rarely go less than two weeks, the risk of infection is minimal.

However, theoretically, there is a probability of survival of the virus if a sick person sneezed on the thing and sent it in the mail. Therefore, the resulting products are better to handle (wash, disinfected antiseptic). Garments must be washed before putting on the body. The dishes must be washed thoroughly and pour over boiling water.

In turn, the popular online marketplace AliExpress has stated that he sees no threat of infection by the coronavirus via parcel coming from China: “there is No evidence that the packages or their contents bear any risks. We are closely monitoring the situation”.

China Post has also promised to ensure safety to the General public. The company will hold a secondary disinfection of mail, and vehicles in the province of Wuhan, and also in the centers at the destination points, says the company. To receive mail of Wuhan service delivery will contact the recipient by phone to schedule an appointment. Personal delivery is preferable to the point of delivery, so as reduce the contact between employees.


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