Coronavirus: update on the pandemic in the world

Coronavirus: le point sur la pandémie dans le monde

Coronavirus: le point sur la pandémie dans le monde

The us president, Donald Trump has announced an end to the relationship between his country and the world Health Organization.


May 30, 2020 8: 30am


Coronavirus: update on the pandemic in the world


Agence France-Presse

PARIS— New balance sheets, new measures, highlights: a focus on the latest developments of the pandemic Covid-19, which resulted in more than 364.000 deaths in the world.

Trump breaks with the WHO

The american president Donald Trump, who had already suspended the u.s. contribution to the budget of the world health Organization (WHO), has cut ties with the un agency, which he accused of complacency towards Beijing.

The United States, who were the first lessor (893 million over the period 2018/2019, approximately 15% of the budget of the WHO) “will redirect these funds to other needs and urgent public health world who deserve it”.

New York: the next déconfinement partial

The governor of the State of New York has announced to provide for a partial lifting of the containment for the city of New York the week of June 8, provided that public health indicators are satisfactory.

Record of deaths in Russia

Russia recorded a new record daily deaths (232), bringing the total of 4374 deaths, despite epidemiological data is stable on the whole.
Primary outbreak-Russian, Moscow has published the details of the mortality of the month of April, to respond to suspicions of manipulation of statistics. She attributes 636 deaths directly to the Covid-19. In addition, it identifies 925 other where the latter was able to be a factor in schedule, but without including them in its official report, which counts only deaths directly attributed to the sars coronavirus.

Chloroquine: new bounce

Dozens of scientists have published an open letter expressing their “concerns” about the methods of the extensive study published may 22 in the Lancet, which led to the suspension of clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine.

The study concludes that the controversial hydroxychloroquine does not appear to be beneficial to the sick of the Covid-19, and could even be detrimental.

Results “encouraging”

Anakinra, a drug against rheumatic diseases, provides results that are “encouraging” for the serious forms of the Covid-19, reducing the risk of death and need to be put on life support in the icu, according to a French study published in the scientific journal The Lancet Rheumatology.
The drug would limit the”storm cytokinique”), an inflammatory reaction is uncontrolled implicated in severe forms of pneumonia Covid-19, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome.

More than 364 000 people dead

The pandemic has killed at least 364 362 deaths in the world since its debut in December in China, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources on Saturday at 11: 00 GMT.
Nearly six million cases have been diagnosed since the beginning of the epidemic in 196 countries and territories.
The United States is the country most severely affected in absolute value, with 102 836 deaths. Following the United Kingdom (38 161), Italy (33 229), France (28 714), Brazil (27 878) and Spain (27 121).

But in proportion to the population, excluding micro-States, it is in Belgium that the mortality is the highest (816 deaths per million inhabitants), ahead of Spain (580), the Uk (562), Italy (550), France (440), Sweden (431), the netherlands (346), Ireland (333) and the United States (311).

Of a disaster to the other

In 1984 Bophal (India), a toxic cloud escaped from a pesticide plant and killed 3,500 people on the move, then some 25 000 people in the following years.
Today, the people who have been poisoned by the cloud represent a significant portion (about half according to the government) of people who died from Covid-19 in this town in central India.

Referendum postponed ?

France proposed to postpone to October 4, the referendum, initially scheduled for 6 September, the independence of New Caledonia, community-French in the South pacific, because of the logistical difficulties arising from the crisis of the Covid-19.
A decree should be presented at the Council of ministers in June.

Quarantine presidential

The uruguayan president Luis Lacalle Pou is in quarantine after having participated in a meeting with a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Resumption of the NBA at the end of July ?

Adam Silver, patron of the league of north american basketball (NBA), aims to return to competition on July 31. His plan for the resumption of the season, has been suspended since the 11 march and the positive test of the Frenchman Rudy Gobert, provides matches behind closed doors on the site Disney World in Florida.

Forbidden to pet the macaques

Touch the macaques of Gibraltar will become a crime in this british enclave situated in the extreme south of Spain, in order to protect the primates of the new coronavirus. The macaques live at the top of the cliff, overlooking Gibraltar which tourists can access by a cable car.

Economic Impact

The canadian economy contracted by 8.2% annual rate in the first quarter, a drop the more pronounced since the beginning of 2009.
In the Uk, companies will have to contribute to the financing of short-time working from August and take up to 20% of salaries by October.
The French car manufacturer Renault has announced the elimination of about 15,000 jobs in the world, with 4600 in France, in the framework of a savings plan of more than 2 billion euros over three years.
The rescue at 9 billion euros, Lufthansa past Friday, a new step, it is crucial with an agreement between the German government and the european Commission on the key terms and conditions of this operation must avoid the bankruptcy of the group.

Spain: a minimum income

The Spanish government has approved the creation of a minimum income vital to the fight against poverty, which is aggravated by the crisis of the coronavirus which has caused an explosion in the demand for food aid.

Open borders

Greece is going to open its airports of Athens and Thessaloniki (north) to tourists from 29 countries from 15 June.
Denmark has announced the opening to the date of its borders to nationals German, Norwegian, and icelandic, pushing the end of the summer of the entry of nationals of other EU countries, including Sweden nearby, and the United Kingdom.

Death of an infant in Switzerland

An infant died of the Covid-19 in Switzerland, after having been infected abroad, announced the ministry of Health.

Prayers Turkish

Several thousands of faithful took part Friday in the congregational prayers held in mosques in Turkey, after more than two-month ban as part of measures to curb the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.

Free Canada immigration

Canada had hoped to welcome a record number of immigrants in 2020 (370 000), but it may eventually receive 170 000 less than planned due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus, according to a study published Friday.

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