Corporal Marc-André Vigneault at the front in a CHSLD

Le caporal Marc-André Vigneault au front dans un CHSLD

Le caporal Marc-André Vigneault au front dans un CHSLD

Marc-André Vigneault, a medical technician at the 25th health services Centre of the canadian armed Forces, Bagotville, participates in the Operation LASER.


June 5, 2020 15h13


Corporal Marc-André Vigneault at the front in a CHSLD

Le caporal Marc-André Vigneault au front dans un CHSLD

Le caporal Marc-André Vigneault au front dans un CHSLD

Eve-Marie Fortier

The Daily

Trained as a medical technician to bring relief to its peers, for the most part young and in shape, Bagotville military has had to adapt to the customer geriatric to support the care teams in a CHSLD de Montréal. Corporal Marc-André Vigneault, accustomed to the scenarios of war, has experienced its share of difficulties when the time came to face an invisible enemy, but the rigor and discipline of the canadian armed Forces (CAF), has given him confidence.

The corporal Vigneault is one of the six members of the Bagotville military Base, which are part of Operation LASER, the response of FAC to the situation of a pandemic. It has been deployed at the hosting Centre Jean De La Lande, in Montreal.

Treat the customer geriatric and support individuals towards the end of life was not in his habits. “At the base, as a medical technician, we are trained to take care of people, but of course, we are accustomed to take care of our members, who are for the most fit and between the ages of 18 to 50 years. Working in a CHSLD is a very nice challenge, which asked for some adjustments, but the vocation of taking care of people is always present. “

The military Operation LASER have undergone training specific to geriatric and to the pandemic. “Each NURSING and each floor are subjected to a different reality, note the corporal Vigneault, a native of Lac-Mégantic. Currently, the numbers are good, but we have been witnesses to several deaths. The virus strikes at a speed disturbing. “

To confront an invisible enemy

In addition to practice of health care, the military was able to take the time to discuss with his patients, which made him discover the more human side of the business. But by accompanying those who have had to face the COVID-19, it has also been witness to the realities of battering.

“What is the most difficult thing is to see the residents go without their family by their sides. Sometimes, we’ll arrange a meeting video with the family and two days later, the person died. These are circumstances that are not obvious, but it is in these moments that we notice the importance of our role, because thanks to our presence, the people would not go away completely alone, he explained. We are used to being immersed in the scenarios of war. Our current deployment is completely different, but it is a string that we add to our bow and it is an experience super rewarding. “

Even if the military have a habit of being immersed in all sorts of difficult situations, facing an invisible enemy is different. The discipline, however, remains at the heart of every action. “The army we were always taught to trust in our equipment and in our training. By taking the time to install our personal protective equipment and comply with each of the health measures, we are aware that the odds are on our side. The idea of being infected by the virus is still present, but we have confidence in our methods and our equipment. “

The morale of the troops

The military Operation LASER are not all of the medical technicians used in the field of health. However, they have all followed the same training prior to the mission.

“The moral of those who have a profession of combat is just as good as ours. They are happy to help, even if they are not accustomed to geriatrics and to medical care. They do not have the same function as we are and are not permitted to ask the same actions, but the adaptation came quickly. They see that their role is appreciated and essential. “

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