COVID-19: 29 people healed on 34 cases in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

COVID-19: 29 personnes guéries sur 34 cas au Bas-Saint-Laurent

Blue-collar workers of the City of Rimouski come in reinforcement to the laundry room of the clinic COVID-19 installed inside the Colisée Financière Sun Life.

21 April 2020 17: 58

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COVID-19: 29 people healed on 34 cases in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

COVID-19: 29 personnes guéries sur 34 cas au Bas-Saint-Laurent

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MATANE – On the 34 people who have been infected by the COVID-19 in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, 29 of them are cured. This is the picture that was drawn Tuesday, the Centre for integrated health and social services (CISSS) in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, which has reported no new case for eleven days.

These statistics place the Bas-Saint-Laurent in the first row, per capita, of the regions least affected by the disease coronavirus. Note, however, that the CISSS refuses to provide the number of tests carried out to date in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Out of the 34 cases, a person has died and, from among those which are not restored, one is hospitalized outside of the region and the other three are in isolation at home.

Blue-collar workers in reinforcement

The lack of staff assigned to the laundry room of the clinic COVID-19, installed at the Colisée Financière Sun Life in Rimouski, the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent has launched an appeal with the City of Rimouski in order to have the reinforcement. The municipal administration has responded positively by delegating two of its workers who, on a voluntary basis, have agreed to participate in the regional effort in the fight against the virus. Describing the initiative as laudable, the adviser of the canadian Union of public employees (CUPE), Yanick Proulx, indicates that it is not excluded, depending on the application, that staff additional to be deployed in the next few weeks, or even in the next few days.

“It seems that the person who was in the laundry room had no one to take it up,” says the union representative. It was 55 to 60 hours per week since the beginning of the crisis, almost seven days a week. It is to wash everything that is used in the day at the clinic COVID by those who do pass the tests.” Employees use the washer and dryer that are already inside of the amphitheatre, and which belong to the hockey club The Océanic. The buandier regular CISSS work day and the two employees of the City are at work five nights per week for an indefinite period.

These municipal workers had not been fired, but their duties had been lightened because of the health crisis. One of the two, which has a status of supernumerary, was called upon to do various types of work. As for the other blue collar, it comes to an employee who is already working within the arenas. “They are in the facilities of the City, but they were requisitioned by the CISSS,” said Mr. Proulx. They have their usual salary from the City.” The spokesperson for the CUPE welcomes the innovative nature of the City of Rimouski, which, unlike other municipalities, has not put its employees on foot “to save money”.

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