COVID-19: Alfonso Cuaron defends the rights of domestic workers

COVID-19: Alfonso Cuaron défend les droits des domestiques

COVID-19: Alfonso Cuaron défend les droits des domestiques

The mexican director Alfonso Cuaron


27 may, 2020 19: 50


COVID-19: Alfonso Cuaron defends the rights of domestic workers


Agence France-Presse

MEXICO city — The mexican director, Alfonso Cuaron, author of the film Roma, in the halo of three Oscars, has given its support to a campaign of support in favour of domestic workers by encouraging their employers to pay their wages during the outbreak of coronavirus.

The filmmaker, awarded with the Oscar of the best director for Roma which puts in scene a domestic worker and a native american in the Mexico of the 1970s, indicated its support for the initiative of the Centre for support and training of domestic workers (CACEH), which calls for the respect of their rights during a health emergency.

“It is our responsibility, as employers, of their to pay their salaries in this time of uncertainty. The objective of this campaign is to remember that it is important to take care of those who take care of us and the respect earned by these workers,” said the filmmaker in a press release.

According to the CACEH, the majority of the 2.3 million domestic workers in Mexico do not have social security and are not eligible for aid during the outbreak of the COVID-19.

“Thousands of servants were left without employment, without wages because of the arrival of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. Many employers asked them to do more work to protect the health of their family, but they have not given guarantees concerning their wages, ” says the organization in a press release.

The campaign “Cuida a quien te cuida” (Take care of the one who takes care of you) is supported by several international organizations such as UN Women.

Mexico, which has 130 million inhabitants, has recorded 71 105 reported cases of the coronavirus, including 7633 deaths, according to the latest official figures. This makes it the second country most affected in Latin America in number of deaths behind Brazil.

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