COVID-19: almost 50 000 deaths in the United States

COVID-19: près de 50 000 morts aux États-Unis

A volunteer from a food bank Utah loading Thursday, a van of food to be distributed among the population affected by the job losses caused by the COVID-19.

April 23, 2020 9h13

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COVID-19: almost 50 000 deaths in the United States

Agence France-Presse


WASHINGTON — The new coronavirus has made 49 759 deaths in the United States after one of the worst balance sheets in human recorded about 24 hours, according to figures from the Johns Hopkins University on Thursday night.

Between 20: 30 Wednesday evening and Thursday evening and night, 3176 deaths related to the COVID-19 of which were registered in the country, by far the most grief-stricken by the virus, according to official figures. On this 24-hour period, 26 971 new cases of coronavirus have been identified for a total of 866 646 cases identified, according to the counting of Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

Due to the lack of testing, the true number of people infected is probably much higher.

At the end of last week, the United States had experienced two very heavy balance sheets daily (to over 3800 and 4500 dead), but these were in part due to the addition of the dead “probably related” to the COVID-19, which had previously not been taken into account.

In addition to these two reviews, that of 3176 dead Thursday night is the deadliest ever recorded in a country in a day since the beginning of the pandemic, which has led to nearly 190 000 deaths in the world.

Despite these alarming figures, several american States such as Texas, Vermont or Georgia have decided to embark on the path of déconfinement, by allowing some businesses to reopen.

The EU summit

Germany is ready, “in a spirit of solidarity” and “a limited period”, to “contributions much more important” to the budget of the european Union (EU) in the face of the epidemic, has promised the German chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of a summit with its partners.

Private sector activity in the euro area slumped in April to a pace “unprecedented” in more than 20 years of investigation, according to the firm Markit.

The French economy is “a body placed under anesthesia” which “is not sufficient to ensure that its vital functions”, found on Thursday Insee. The commercial sector (excluding rents) is almost reduced to half (49 %) with the containment.

In Austria, the economy is expected to register in 2020 a historic recession between 5.25% and 7.5% of GDP, according to the institute of reference Wifo.

Germany has agreed a new program of economic aid valued at 10 billion euros ($15 billion). It adds up to a total programme of support to the economy of some 1,100 billion euros (1668 billion $).

More than 183 000 deaths in the world

The pandemic has killed at least 183 707 people in the world, of which nearly two-thirds in Europe, since its appearance in December in China, according to a count AFP from official sources, Thursday, at 11: 00 GMT. Most of 2.636.740 cases have been diagnosed in 193 countries and territories.

After the United States, Italy, follows with 25 085 dead, then come Spain (22 157), France (21 340) and the Uk (18 100).


COVID-19: près de 50 000 morts aux États-Unis

China announced Thursday that it would pay US $30 million ($42 million) additional to the world health Organization. On the photo : Beijing, Thursday


China to the rescue of the WHO

A few days after the us retreat, China announced Thursday that it would pay US $30 million ($42 million) additional to the world health Organization (WHO).

The institution has warned that the world is far from having finished with the novel coronavirus. “This virus will remain with us for a long time,” said the director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

After criticism on his handling of the crisis, the head of the WHO said that the agency had declared an international health emergency “at the right time”, the 30 January, “when the rest of the world had enough time to prepare”.

Amnesty in Peru

Peru is going to grant amnesty to the approximately 3000 inmates vulnerable to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Race to the vaccine

In Germany, the federal authority responsible for the certification of vaccines has given the green light to clinical trials on humans conducted by the German laboratory BioNTech, based in Mainz, in connection with the american giant Pfizer. This is the fifth test performed on a man in the world.

The british university of Oxford for its part, must launch on Thursday of the human clinical trials, with the hope very ambitious to make the vaccine available to the public in the fall.

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