COVID-19 : David Guetta wants to “bring the joy” on Saturday night

COVID-19 : David Guetta veut «apporter de la joie» samedi soir

COVID-19 : David Guetta veut «apporter de la joie» samedi soir

The French DJ David Guetta, seen here at the Vieilles Charrues 2019, will be at the turntables on Saturday, in a place that is “iconic” of New York.


May 29, 2020 10h48

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COVID-19 : David Guetta wants to “bring the joy” on Saturday night

Maggy Donaldson

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK — on Saturday, it will be on the decks, in a place that is “iconic” of New York, still kept secret, for a charity concert, after having already delighted mid-April, a few thousand families confined in it from a balcony in Miami.

The menu in particular, a remix of the tube Empire State of Mind rapper Jay-Z and singer Alicia Keys, tribute to New York city, announces David Guetta, the French DJ for two Grammy Awards.

He hopes to raise at least as much as the US $750,000 collected in Miami for associations. This time, the funds will go to the charity Feeding America and the Mayor’s Fund, which works itself with several associations.

Before making dance in New York from 19h and”bring joy”, he came back on his experience of confinement, and spoke of his vision of the future, he sees more solidarity.

Q How do the confinement for you?

R Usually, I’m always on the road for the next concert, on planes, hotel in hotel. It showed me how, for the inspiration, it was important to spend some time behind his keyboard.

During this period, I told myself: “ok, that will be me. I can take the time to create and try to do something new”.

I am one of the lucky ones. I don’t have to worry about if am going to eat the next month. My confinement, I have lived in Miami. At this time, I look at the ocean, so it’s not so bad.

I’ve done the introspection. I’ve really been spoiled by life, and perhaps I’ve not quite restored. So this is what I’m trying to start doing.

Q the music world has been severely affected by the pandemic. How do you see the future of the scene?

R It’s going to be very hard for DJs… We’re not going to lie. I don’t plan to be able to work until 2021. Our discs that work go to general, clubs, festivals. Here, there is neither the one nor the other. How is it done?

This is the time of working on his production, from the home, to create music. I am preparing a catalogue of amazing and when things are going to reboot, I’ll be ready.

Q can music play a role in this crisis?

R I feel the need to do more pop… In a time of crisis, people need to feel good, and the music has this ability.

My disk that has the better market was probably I Gotta Feeling for the Black Eyed Peas, and it was during the financial crisis. This was in 2009… The world was a disaster, and this song is so simple, merry, has grown into the largest tube of my career.

I love the darker side of techno, but in this moment, my mind is elsewhere. I feel more the desire to write songs that inspire people, to try to bring them joy.

Q The EDM (electronic music for dance) is based, in normal circumstances, on the audience and the dance to create a mood. Is it possible to set up an atmosphere in a period of distancing physical?

R (The set of) Miami has been one of the atmospheres of the most incredible I have ever seen. People want to be entertained, interact… it is a need as essential as eating or breathing.

When I took my car to go home, the whole neighborhood was still screaming. It was crazy, completely crazy.

These are not ideal conditions, but it also gives something pretty exceptional.

Rather than being in my room, I wanted to make a show, to have real people in front of me, even if they were on their balcony or behind a screen.

Q What influence will have this pandemic on our future?

R My hope, is that this is the clear demonstration that the borders, social barriers, ethnic differences, it all means nothing.

The reality is that we are all equal in front of this disease. I hope that this is the conclusion at which arrive the people.

Let’s hope that we will not lead to the opposite, a world in which people are more closed, and in the fear of the other.

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