COVID-19: four billion dollars to the Ontario municipal

COVID-19: quatre milliards $ pour les municipalités de l’Ontario

COVID-19: quatre milliards $ pour les municipalités de l’Ontario

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27 July 2020 11: 25 am

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COVID-19: four billion dollars to the Ontario municipal

COVID-19: quatre milliards $ pour les municipalités de l’Ontario

COVID-19: quatre milliards $ pour les municipalités de l’Ontario

Émilie Pelletier

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The federal and provincial governments will give $ 4 billion to Ontario municipalities and to the services of transport to help them get out heads out of the water, after the ravages of tax caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

The premier, Doug Ford announced on Monday afternoon that nearly $ 2 billion, or 777 million $ of federal and $ 1.2 billion $ from the provincial, will be allocated in support of the 444 municipalities in Ontario.

The governments of Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford also undertake to transfer $ 1 billion each by public transport.

The president of the Association of municipalities of Ontario (AMO), Jamie MacGarvey, described this investment as “important” for all regions of Ontario and in the framework of the economic recovery of the province.

Details on the distribution of funds will be provided over the next weeks, has informed the government Ford.

The financial assistance will be provided to the municipalities has been made possible through the agreement of transfers of more than $ 19 billion $ from the federal government to the provinces, announced last week.

This tax support occurs after several weeks of negotiations between the different governments of the country.

Doug Ford said last week that Ontario would receive approximately $ 7 billion of this amount.

The federal government will pay the money over a period of six to eight months to facilitate the economic recovery is ” safe “.

Ottawa is among the hot spots of the COVID-19 in Ontario

Ontario had 119 new cases of the COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. Among these, 28 have been detected in Ottawa.

Since about a week, the federal capital, part of the regions where the public health observed the greatest number of new infections of sars coronavirus.

Windsor-Essex is also one of the places where we do have a large number of new cases, with 40 positive results in the past 24 hours.

The city of Toronto, which was the epicentre of the virus in Ontario for several months, has recorded 20 new cases of the COVID-19, Sunday.

In all, 38 799 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the province.

In all, 30 of 34 office of public health regional reported that there were only five positive cases or less to the virus, Sunday, 16 of which reported none.

The minister of Health Christine Elliott has indicated, on Twitter, 64 % (76) of those who tested positive over the last day are less than 40 years.

Moreover, a new death has been reported in Ontario on Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths to 2, 764, 1 of which 792 were residents of nursing homes, long-term, and there are eight employees.

That said, 88.8% of the people who contracted the COVID-19 are now considered cured, which is slightly above the national average of 87.2 percent.

On Sunday, the public health has reported 82 hospitalizations, but this number is not exact since 34 hospitals have not reported the number of hospitalizations over the weekend.

Among the people to the hospital Sunday (those that were reported), 30 were in intensive care and 18 under a respirator.

Here is a list of ads that should be the prime minister this week:

  • Plan to return to school

  • Independent Commission of inquiry on the system of long-term care

It should also decide on the passage of the regions of Peel, Windsor-Essex and Toronto in step 3 of the plan of déconfinement of the province. The rest of the province is already there.

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