COVID-19: four deaths in addition to Ottawa

COVID-19: quatre décès de plus à Ottawa

COVID-19: quatre décès de plus à Ottawa

There are now nearly 250 deaths in Ottawa in connection with the COVID-19.


June 2, 2020 16h18

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COVID-19: four deaths in addition to Ottawa

COVID-19: quatre décès de plus à Ottawa

COVID-19: quatre décès de plus à Ottawa

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The COVID-19 has made four new victims in the federal capital, reports Ottawa public Health (SPO) on Tuesday.

The new coronavirus has now killed 248 Ottawans since his arrival in the country.

In total, the 1969 people have now received a positive result on a screening test in the federal capital, of which 7 new cases confirmed in the update of the epidemiological SPO Tuesday.

By subtracting the deaths and the people who are now cured, there are 101 active cases known to the COVID-19 in Ottawa. Nearly half of these individuals are currently hospitalized while there are 39 patients of this virus in hospitals of the federal capital.

This limited number of active cases could be only the tip of the iceberg, warns the chief medical officer of SPO, Vera Etches, in his most recent statement special.

“The communal transmission of the COVID-19 always takes place in Ottawa. We need to continue to practice the physical separation, to wear a mask in the tissue when it is difficult to practice the physical separation, and wash our hands regularly,” said Dr. Etches.

34 cases still active in the eastern ontario

The health Bureau of eastern Ontario (BSEO) has a balance sheet stable in the number of positive cases of the COVID-19 on its territory on Tuesday, encrypting always the total of 149 cases. Among the infected individuals, 115 are considered as cases that have been resolved.

No deaths are reported as well. The medical officer of health to the BSEO, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, also stressed that the last case in the intensive care unit was discharged Tuesday. He remains hospitalized, but his situation is improving. The balance sheet of the BSEO should be formally amended accordingly Wednesday, adds Dr. Roumeliotis. The latter says it is still optimistic that the situation in eastern ontario, but also across the province of Ontario, improves to a great extent. “Currently, only 3.4% of the testing is done in Ontario are positive, which is good. We want that to be in the bottom 5% to be sure that we are on the right path in the progression of the pandemic,” says the doctor.

However, the BSEO reported a new outbreak Monday in the house long-term care St-Viateur, Limoges, now the only outbreak in an establishment of the kind in eastern ontario. He is an employee for the time being asymptomatic. Dr. Roumeliotis had indicated in the conference in the beginning of the week that all the residents and staff would once again be tested. The results should be known in the coming days.

Up to now, 8 863 people have passed a screening examination in the care homes and centres provided for this purpose on the territory of the BSEO.

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