COVID-19: new outbreaks among young adults are worried about the authorities

COVID-19: de nouvelles flambées chez les jeunes adultes inquiètent les autorités

COVID-19: de nouvelles flambées chez les jeunes adultes inquiètent les autorités

A call solid testing has been done for the young people who frequented a bar.


21 July 2020 18h04


COVID-19: new outbreaks among young adults are worried about the authorities

Teresa Wright

The canadian Press

OTTAWA — new outbreaks Of COVID-19 in young adults in several regions of the country raises concerns about the impact that these new cases could have on the easing of restrictions currently in force.

Ontario has reported on Tuesday its biggest daily number of confirmed infections since the end of June, 203 new cases – an increase that has prompted the minister of Health of Ontario, Christine Elliott, to insist on the importance of following the rules of distancing physical to curb this disturbing trend.

Alberta and British Columbia have also reported an increase in new infections to the COVID-19 over the last two days.

The deputy chief of the public health agency of Canada dr. Howard Njoo, says that the increase in the number of new cases national authorities are concerned about public health.

The daily number of new cases in Canada had recently slowed to an average of about 300 per day, but this number increased to a daily average of 460 in the last four days.

The majority of new cases involve young adults, many of whom have contracted the new coronavirus by going into bars or restaurants and attending parties in indoor places, said dr. Njoo to journalists on Tuesday during a briefing in Ottawa.

Dr. Njoo said that the local authorities will have to decide if bars or restaurants should be allowed to remain open.

“I think everyone is tired after having spent the winter locked up”, he conceded.

“And now, with the warmer weather and the summer, I think people just want to get out, so I think that there is a factor of fatigue trying to keep up with all these good public health measures.”

A factor of invincibility

Dr. Njoo has estimated that a “factor of invincibility” was also playing in the youth in epidemics. This factor is confirmed by new scientific evidence that show that young people who get the COVID-19 are less likely to become seriously ill.

“I think at a certain age, you think that you can pull in all the cases. I think this is where there is a challenge, because even if they only have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, the fact is that they are part of our society.”

He suggested that some of the young people who attend to parties internal and that do not comply with the measures of distancing physical could act as well because the relaxation of current health measures, including the reopening of bars and restaurants – has sent the signal that they can afford to lower its guard.

But it is up to local authorities to decide whether these institutions should be allowed to remain open, said dr. Njoo.

“We also recognize that we need at a given time to reopen our society. The tricky part, in fact, is to try to find this balance, then we, as a society, to discover slowly how we move ahead with caution in a variety of sectors.”

The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, said he was particularly concerned by the data indicating that 57 % of new cases reported Tuesday in his province were of people aged 39 years or less and that some of the outbreaks were related to persons who attended the festivities inside.

“I simply ask people not to participate in these feasts, I don’t know why everyone wants to party but… it is quite, has launched Mr. Ford. We need to keep this under control and we will.”



MONTREAL — two canadian provinces most affected by the pandemic coronavirus recorded Tuesday, their largest numbers of new cases for the month of June.

Quebec has registered 180 new cases, the largest number since June 12, and one death in the past 24 hours, according to the balance sheet of the government.

Quebec has recorded since mid-march more than half of the approximately 111, 000 cases of coronavirus recorded in Canada, and almost two-thirds of 8892 death.

In Ontario, most populous province, has identified his side 203 new cases, the largest number since the end of June, and 1 death.

“Although data for a single day, it is disturbing, thought it was the minister of Health of Ontario, Christine Elliott, stating that “57 %” of cases were diagnosed in 39 years and less.”

In Quebec, more than a quarter of new cases were in adults aged between 20 and 40 years.

Many of these new cases involve young people who went to bars or who have participated in the gatherings, indicated to the press Howard Njoo, a public Health officer of Canada.

After largely smoothed over the curve of new cases in June, the province has recorded more than 100 cases each day for a week. This is the only province in Canada to impose since the last weekend, wearing a mask in all enclosed public places.

British Columbia and Alberta, two provinces to the West of the country, also observe a resurgence of new cases. AFP

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