COVID-19: now three cases at the school Saint-Paul

COVID-19: maintenant trois cas à l’école Saint-Paul

COVID-19: maintenant trois cas à l’école Saint-Paul

Three members of the staff of the school of St. Paul have received a positive test screening of the COVID-19.


May 22, 2020 17h24


COVID-19: now three cases at the school Saint-Paul

COVID-19: maintenant trois cas à l’école Saint-Paul

COVID-19: maintenant trois cas à l’école Saint-Paul

Brigitte Trahan

Le Nouvelliste

Three-Rivers — The Commission scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy now totals three cases of COVID-19 on its territory. There are three members of the staff of the école Saint-Paul that have received a positive test screening of the COVID-19.

Together with the regional Branch of the public Health, it has therefore been decided that all members of the staff as well as students who have been present at school since the 4th of may last, “will be screened in the coming hours”, said Friday the spokesman of the school Board, Anne-Marie Bellerose.

The operation targeted a quarantine of members of staff and thirty students.

A complete disinfection of the premises must be carried out over the weekend, according to the recommendations of the public Health.

The school Board has said, Friday, that all sanitary measures have been met since the opening of the school and that all staff had personal protective equipment recommended by the CNESST.

Public Health will analyze the results of the screening and will inform the school Board of its recommendations. According to Julie Michaud, communications officer at CIUSSS-MCQ, it takes 24 hours to get the results of the test. In the meantime, all these people will have to, by way of precaution, remain confined to the house.

Recall that a case had been discovered in a member of the teaching staff, a few days ago. Another case had also been detected in a student at the College Marie-de-l’incarnation.

Questioned in English by a reporter during the press briefing of 22 may regarding the number of cases that occur presently in the schools of Quebec, Dr. Horacio Arruda mentioned that three members of staff in the two schools in the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec are now infected by the COVID-19.

Dr. Arruda has not made reference to the student who has incurred at the College Marie-de-l’incarnation.

Dr. Arruda has indicated that three staff members have contracted the virus before the reopening of schools, that is, before may 11. The people infected are going well, he said, but will need to be confined.

Both side of the Commission scolaire de l’énergie Commission scolaire de la Riveraine, it indicates that there are no cases of the virus at this time in the students or the staff.

In an interview given to the Nouvelliste, a few days ago, the regional director of public Health, Dr. Marie-Josée Godi, recalled that “if one has two case and with an epidemiological link”, for example, “two reported cases in the same class, we can say that one has a hatch in this class and not in school. If you find yourself with several cases in several classes and we know that those people have any contact, we can consider that the school is hatching. If ever there was a second case in the one or the other of these categories, we will consider at that time that the class is hatching.”

In such a case, after an epidemiological investigation, public Health will determine whether there is high or moderate risk and those infected should be in isolation for 14 days during which they will need to monitor their symptoms.

If in the same class of other persons present with symptoms, we will recommend them to get tested, says Dr. Godi.

“In the case of the COVID, which has been determined for the assessment of risk, it is when one has a contact with a person and that this contact is at least two meters without any protection, and for more than 15 minutes. In the case of teachers or a person who provides care to another person without wearing protective equipment (…) it is possible to judge that the risk is high,” says the director of public Health.

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