COVID-19: number of deaths announced in Ottawa

COVID-19: plusieurs décès annoncés à Ottawa

There are now 71 Ottawans died of the new coronavirus.

28 April 2020 13h12

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COVID-19: number of deaths announced in Ottawa

COVID-19: plusieurs décès annoncés à Ottawa

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The figures relating to the transmission of the COVID-19 in the federal capital are rather depressing, then, that Ottawa public Health (PHO) reported 12 new deaths since Monday.

There are now 71 Ottawans died of the new coronavirus. The majority of these deaths originate from centers of long-term care.

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“The virus has slowed its progress, but it is not out of the woods”, says Justin Trudeau

In the latest update of the SPO in these institutions on Monday, in the late afternoon, it was reported 52 residents among residents of nursing homes, long-term, 11 more than in the update of Sunday.

Paramedics in reinforcement

Recall that the Service paramedic, Ottawa, has given a serious blow of hand to the SPO and other stakeholders in health care the last weekend to curb the transmission of the new coronavirus in these institutions. A blitz of screening tests was conducted Saturday and Sunday, says the superintendent, Andrew Whyte, head of Service team at a paramedic in Ottawa.

“At the beginning of the month of April, we have started to do the screening in the homes of long-term care,” says Mr. Whyte. The end of last week, we worked with our public health partners for the 9 residences and more than 1700 testing in two days.”


COVID-19: plusieurs décès annoncés à Ottawa

“The measures we have taken until now to work. In fact, in many regions of the country, the yield curve flattened”. -Justin Trudeau

Patrick Woodbury, Right

Andrew Whyte notes that this work is going well, especially since the beneficiaries of the services of these institutions have often resorted to the services of paramedics.

“We have a good relationship with these patients, supports the team leader in the Service paramedic of Ottawa. They know that we are here to help.”

67 new cases

In addition to having a large number of deaths related to the COVID-19 announced on Tuesday, the SPO reported the second largest increase in confirmed cases in a single day.

Among other things, a 4th employee of homes for long term care in Ottawa has tested positive to the COVID-19, said Tuesday the local authorities.

The employee in question works at home Peter D. Clark. His last working day was April 24.

Three employees of the home Garry J. Armstrong have contracted the virus and have received a positive diagnosis the 20, 23 and 25 April.

The authorities of the nursing home Clark and Ottawa public Health are working together to do a test screening to the residents and to prevent friends and relatives who have been in close contact with the employee, a process that has already been implemented in the home care Armstrong because of his three employees infected by the virus.

COVID-19: plusieurs décès annoncés à Ottawa

Epidemic curve cumulative, showing the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 for Ottawa residents, according to the earliest date among the date of appearance of the first symptoms, the date of the test or the date of declaration

Ottawa public health

There are now 1221 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the federal capital, 67 announced since Monday.

The good news in the update of the epidemiological of the SPO on Tuesday, is that the number of hospitalizations of people infected by the COVID-19 remains stable. There are 35 people in the hospital at this time, including six in intensive care.



The balance sheet of the COVID-19 remains stable in eastern ontario Tuesday, with 91 positive cases are listed.

The medical officer of health to the health Bureau of eastern Ontario (BSEO), Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, reminds us that the curve of the virus on the territory of the BSEO is stable for several days, indicating a flattening. The curve had however suffered a jolt important the end of last week, while an outbreak in the house long-term care, Pinecrest in Plantagenet had made 11 new positive cases. According to Dr. Roumeliotis, this outbreak is for the moment an isolated incident. The new cases community newspapers are still few or zero.

However, of all the regions served by the BSEO, the united Counties of Prescott and Russell are the most affected, with 60 positive cases out of 90 in total. Dr. Roumeliotis says don’t be surprised of such a statistic, while many people living in the CUPR working in the federal capital, the fourth-most affected region according to the percentage of positive cases in the province, ” he stressed.

However, at present, eastern ontario was spared in terms of mortality, whereas no positive case was found to be fatal on the territory of the BSEO.

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