COVID-19: over 600 000 deaths in the world, the EU in search of a compromise

COVID-19: plus 600 000 décès dans le monde, l'UE en quête d'un compromis

COVID-19: plus 600 000 décès dans le monde, l'UE en quête d'un compromis

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July 18, 2020 11: 36

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COVID-19: over 600 000 deaths in the world, the EU in search of a compromise


Agence France-Presse

PARIS — New balance sheets, new measures, highlights: a focus on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19 in the world.

More than 600, 000 deaths

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has killed more than 600, 000 people in the world since its discovery in China in December, including more than 200,000 in Europe and 160 000 in Latin America, according to an assessment carried out by the‘AFP from official sources.

In total, 600 523 deaths have been reported worldwide (14 233 355 cases), of which 205 065 dead in Europe, the region most affected. The pandemic is progressing rapidly in Latin America, second continent with the highest number of deaths (160 726 17 540 the last seven days).

The United States is the country that registered the most fatalities in total (140 103), ahead of Brazil (78 772), the Uk (45 273), Mexico (38 888) and Italy (35 042). The number of deaths related to the COVID-19 has doubled in a little over two months. More than 100 000 new deaths have been recorded in 21 days, since the 28th of June.

The EU is still in quest of a compromise

Unable to find a compromise after two days of the summit, the 27 EU leaders have decided to play extra time and ending Sunday at noon, in the hope to overcome the blockages on the massive stimulus plan post-coronavirus in the discussion.

Boris Johnson is reluctant to a reconfinement

The british prime minister, Boris Johnson warns that it will only use as a last resort, the map of the reconfinement against the COVID-19, and compared such a solution to a measurement of “nuclear deterrence”.

COVID-19: plus 600 000 décès dans le monde, l'UE en quête d'un compromis

PC, Graham Hughes

The Barcelona will stay at home

In Spain, due to the increase in cases, with almost four million inhabitants of the agglomeration of Barcelona are called to “stay at home” except for reasons of necessity.

The regional government has also announced the closure of cinemas, theatres and nightclubs, the prohibition of meetings of more than ten people and visits to retirement homes, as well as the limitation of the capacity to 50% in bars and restaurants.

France monitors the Spain

The French prime minister, Jean Castex said “monitor very closely” the health situation in Catalonia and has not excluded a new closure of the borders with Spain.

Guatemala is reviewing its balance sheet to increase

Guatemala has modified its data collection system on the coronavirus, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of cases of COVID-19.

Thus, the number of cases of COVID-19 is increased to 38 042 1 449 deaths. On Friday, the ministry of Health had reported 33 809 positive cases 1 443 deaths during the last four months.

Australia: the parliament suspended

The australian parliament has suspended its sessions for two weeks, for fear that the deputies from outbreaks of contamination does not contribute to spreading the virus.

This measure comes a day after a record of more than 400 new cases in Melbourne, the second largest city of the country, in spite of the reconfinement decided there are more than a week.

Containment eased in Buenos Aires

The argentine government has announced the relaxation of containment measures to Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, despite a high rate of contamination.

In Brazil, the epidemic has reached a “plateau”, said the world health Organization (WHO), calling on the authorities to seize this opportunity to push back the disease.”

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