COVID-19 reduces the pace of sales of mobile equipment in the world

COVID-19 снижает темпы продаж мобильной техники в мире

The new type of coronavirus COVID-19 continues to terrorize the population of the planet, and with it a substantial part of the companies-manufacturers of different mobile devices and technologies. And today forces a scientific research team, centre for statistics Counterpoint Research, dealing mainly with the consideration of various trends in the world of technology, it was revealed that the new coronavirus can soon provide significantly more pressure on the mobile market than previously was thought – and, in particular, this will involve companies that contains its production in China.

Already illustrated a significant trend in the decline of the General level of the relevance and interest of producers to continue churning out their mobile devices with the same frequency, because the market indicates a lower level of sales of mobile devices in General, while maintaining the same purchasing power. After all, most of the population is forced to stay in home quarantine, thus not being involved in the purchase of equipment – already, the downward trend in sales of mobile technology demonstrates how the figure of 20% that is really low and dangerous for many companies.

Moreover, independent experts from the statistical center of Counterpoint Research point to the fact that the Chinese Ministry of health reported a new type COVID-19 may relatively soon be repeated in the face of the second wave or at the end of 2020 or early 2021 the following year, which again will impose certain constraints for manufacturers of mobile machinery, especially in the context of the distribution of their products.

While it is difficult to talk about a confident and strong relationship between the current prevalence of coronavirus and the decisions of the majority of mobile companies, but few have doubts that soon the trend will show an even lower level of sales – and this is may be a critical point, after which it will be necessary to look at alternative methods and ways of implementing its mobile products to the mass market in the face of a raging pandemic.

COVID-19 снижает темпы продаж мобильной техники в мире

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