Covid-19: the Brazil exceeds one million cases, Trump defies the coronavirus

Covid-19: le Brésil dépasse le million de cas, Trump défie le coronavirus

Covid-19: le Brésil dépasse le million de cas, Trump défie le coronavirus

Fans of Donald Trump are waiting for his arrival to Tulsa, Oklahoma.


June 20, 2020 12: 05pm


Covid-19: the Brazil exceeds one million cases, Trump defies the coronavirus


Agence France-Presse

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil has crossed Saturday the bar of the million cases of infections with the coronavirus, and Europe that of the 2.5 million cases, at a time when the american president Donald Trump challenges the disease by holding its first meeting of the campaign for the era of the Covid-19.

Only the United States had so far passed the symbolic threshold of one million cases, which did not deter the president Trump, who briguera a second term during the presidential election of 3 November, to raise tens of thousands of supporters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Despite the pandemic, and while Oklahoma is experiencing exactly that, a strong thrust of the cases detected, it is in a covered room that will press some 20,000 people. And almost none of the supporters of the us president who began to arrive in the city on Friday was wearing a mask.

Brazil, the second country where the Covid-19 is the most dead, will also through in the next few days the 50 000 deaths that occur after reaching 48 954 the dead on Friday.

Since the beginning of June, the Latin american giant, a new global epicentre of the pandemic, has registered more new infections (518 000) and deaths (19 000) than any other country in the world, according to a compilation carried out by the AFP from official sources.

If the virus slows down its progression in Europe, where the déconfinement continues, over 2.5 million cases have been officially reported, on the Old Continent, of which more than half in Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, according to this count.

With at least 2 500 091 case, for 192 158 deaths, Europe remains the continent most affected by the pandemic Covid-19. But she continues her déconfinement progressive, and the French government has announced the reopening Monday of the cinemas, and casinos, while the stages will also welcome new the public from July 11, without, however, exceeding the 5000 spectators.

The re-opening of nightclubs, fairs and shows and the restart of international cruises may for their part be decided “from September onwards” if the pandemic continues to fall, has added the French government.

“Stay on our guard”

In Spain, on the eve of the reopening of the borders to the european tourists, the prime minister Pedro Sanchez has reminded the population that it remained vulnerable and needed to maintain the protective measures.

“We must stay on our guard and to strictly follow the hygiene measures and protection,” said Mr. Sanchez, whose country, who deplores more than 28 000 dead out of a containment severe at 14 weeks.

At midnight in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Spain lift the state of alert decreed on march 14, and reopened its land border with France and its ports and airports to nationals of the european Union. Portugal will open its border with Spain on the 1st of July.

The Spaniards will finally be able to move throughout the country. They were up to now confined to their province or their region.

In the Face of the economic crisis of the most severe caused by the pandemic, the leaders of the european Union met on Friday through video conferencing, without, however, taking a decision. They have planned to meet mid-July in Brussels to find an agreement on a recovery plan massive € 750 billion.

On the other hand, it is in Latin America that the disease progresses more quickly.

The balance sheet of the epidemic in Mexico has exceeded Friday, the threshold of 20 000 people dead, announced by the government, which was also reported to be over 5000 new cases of contamination in a single day.

The authorities of Mexico city have, therefore, delayed for a week the recovery in the capital’s economic activities, originally scheduled for Monday, to try to reduce the number of infections and reduce hospitalizations.

Colombia has registered his side to a record high of 95 deaths in a single day on Friday, crossing the bar of 2000 dead since the beginning of the epidemic.

It is still far from back to elsewhere in the world. Iran announced Saturday it had documented more than 100 deaths and over 2,000 contaminations to the new coronavirus in 24 hours in the country, which is entered in the fifth month of the fight against the epidemic.

Morocco has reported a record increase in the number of infections with 539 new cases, the balance sheet on a daily basis, most high in the kingdom since the announcement of the first case in march.

This has not prevented the moroccan government to announce on Friday a new easing of restrictions in force since mid-march.

“New and dangerous Phase”

And it is this that is worrying the world health Organization. The world has entered “a phase” dangerous”, warned Friday WHO.

“The virus continues to spread rapidly, it remains a deadly disease and most people remain exposed,” warned the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stating that its services had identified Thursday, more than 150,000 new cases, a record on a single day since the beginning of the epidemic.

The pandemic of novel coronavirus has killed at least 459 976 deaths in the world since China is a formal state of the onset of the disease in December, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources Saturday.

More than 8 680 640 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories since the beginning of the epidemic, including at least 4 029 700 are now considered as cured.

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