COVID-19: the major league Baseball was forced to postpone two meetings

COVID-19: le Baseball majeur est forcé de reporter deux rencontres

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Nine players of the Marlins of Miami, two other of their reserve formation, as well as two staff members have contracted the COVID-19.

Two games in major league Baseball scheduled for Monday evening were postponed while the Marlins of Miami are grappling with an outbreak of cases of COVID-19 which has been locked in Philadelphia.

The opening game of the Marlins against the Baltimore Orioles has been postponed, just like the confrontation that had to deliver the New York Yankees to the Phillies, at Citizens Bank Park.

The Yankees would have used the same locker room that have used the Marlins this weekend. They remain in Philadelphia, where their own staff cloakroom is on site. The Marlins have postponed their return flight, Sunday night, after the last game of their series against the Phillies.

Nine players from the Marlins, two other of their reserve formation, as well as two staff members have contracted the disease according to tests carried out on Friday, told the Associated Press a person to the fact of the record under the guise of anonymity, since the results have not been made public.

The MLB has announced the postponement of two games for about eight hours before the scheduled time of the first launch, while stating that further testing will be carried out, including among players of the Phillies.

“The Marlins were quarantined pending the results of these tests,” said the MLB news.

The season of 60 games is hardly begun, the outbreak among the Marlins have again raised questions about the plan of commissioner Rob Manfred in a full pandemic.

“Now, we’re going to really see if the MLB will put players’ health at the forefront, has stated on Twitter the pitcher of Los Angeles Dodgers David Price, who has made the impasse on the season. Do you remember when Manfred has said that the health of the players was paramount ? ! One of the reasons why I’m at home right now is that the players ‘ health was not a priority. I see that it has not changed. “

Dr. Andrew Morris, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto, said that the outbreak in the Marlins is not a surprise, since the plan of the commissioner Manfred contains flaws.

“The baseball is left with a huge problem, said Morris. I wonder if they listen to the opinions of the experts and their experts to give them good advice. This plan is not one that anyone knows what he’s talking about would have designed. It is happening now what was going to happen. “

The chief executive officer of the Marlins, Derek Jeter, has issued a statement recalling that the security of players and staff is the priority of the organization.

“To postpone the game (Monday) night was the decision to be taken to ensure that one take and pause and understand the magnitude of the situation,” he wrote.

The pitcher Marlins Jose Urena has not made his scheduled departure at the Sunday game, and the name of the catcher Jorge Alfaro was placed on the injured list on Friday. No reason was provided for these changes.

If the Marlins continue their season, they will have to call on reinforcements from their training site in Jupiter, Florida. If they postpone also the meeting of Tuesday in the face of the Orioles, they could go by bus to Baltimore for their scheduled matches on Wednesday and Thursday.

It is not known exactly when the players have received the results of the last round of tests, but some of the players the Marlins have traded text messages about the state of health of some team-mates before the match on Sunday. The possibility not to compete in the meeting, however, has not been raised, ” said shortstop Miguel Rojas.

“It was never our intention, said Rojas. We knew that this could happen at a certain time. We arrived at the stadium ready to play. “

“It is fair to say that the guys are worried about some things,” added Mattingly. They want their feelings about this situation are shared. I think it is reasonable. We are talking about health issues. “

The Marlins have played all of the matches preparatory to Atlanta on Tuesday and Wednesday against the Braves, who have since been deprived of their two main receivers, Tyler Flowers and Travis d’arnaud. Both players have suffered from symptoms associated with the COVID-19. Mattingly declined to speculate as to whether the health problems of the Marlins were due to their stop in Georgia.

Miami is one of the hotspots of the pandemic, but on Sunday, Mattingly said feel more secure.

“You feel safe at the stadium and I feel safe at home, he said. It is more alarming to the stranger. “

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