COVID-19: the new reality of air travel

COVID-19: la nouvelle réalité des déplacements aériens

COVID-19: la nouvelle réalité des déplacements aériens

The rituals of the travelers have changed in the with the pandemic COVID-19.


June 21, 2020 16: 07

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COVID-19: the new reality of air travel

Stephanie Levitz

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA —watching the landscapes from the oval window of an Airbus320, it is easy to forget how the pandemic of the COVID-19 has changed our routines.

Everything seems calm and normal when we look at the fields from 10 000 metres above sea level. But when the glasses will steam up because you’re wearing a mask since we set foot in the airport, back to reality quickly.

At the Ottawa airport, circles have been added to all the two meters to the check-in counters, to the posts of security control and in the corridors.

Since the air traffic is almost non-existent, the boarding announcements are sporadic. Rather, they are reminders to wash hands and wear a mask that recur frequently.

In waiting rooms around the boarding gates, the cords have been added on some of the seats to avoid that people sit too close to each other.

Taking the temperature

When the queue is formed for the loading, the taking of the temperature is added to the usual process of checking the boarding card and the identity of the traveler. One must drop his mask briefly to allow the staff to confirm his identity.

The greetings of the staff on board are stifled by their mask and each passenger receives a kit with a mask, gloves, a bottle of disinfectant and disinfectant wipes.

There is also a small bottle of water. Social distancing also means that there will be no service on board.

On arrival at the Toronto Pearson airport, there are more than masses of families and friends waiting for passengers. At the exit, the sensation of breathing a little fresh air is even stronger, so that we can finally remove his mask.

This is not the routine that changes as a result of the pandemic, but also the rituals.

If you like to watch the screens with the departure times and arrival of the flights to dream a little, the destinations are much less exotic these days. In this day of the week, less than a dozen flights are displayed, almost all of the canadian cities of the region.

The shops have also adapted their offer. Through memories usual, we found a sweater at $ 12.99 on which is printed the message : “I practiced the social distancing before it was trendy”.

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