COVID-19: three new deaths in Ottawa

COVID-19: trois nouveaux décès à Ottawa

COVID-19: trois nouveaux décès à Ottawa

The screening tests are taken through the city of Ottawa has also helped to identify 14 persons infected with the COVID-19


May 27, 2020 17h54

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COVID-19: three new deaths in Ottawa

COVID-19: trois nouveaux décès à Ottawa

COVID-19: trois nouveaux décès à Ottawa

Julien Paquette

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Three new deaths caused by the COVID-19 have been reported by Ottawa public Health (SPO) on Wednesday.

The new coronavirus has now made 238 victims in the federal capital.

These three most recent deaths seem to come from homes long-term care while the number of residents died of the COVID-19 has increased in the households Carlingview Manor, community Care Madonna and Residence Elizabeth-Bruyère since Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening, the director of community and social services of the City of Ottawa, Donna Gray, also announced the death of a fifth resident of the Home long-term care-Peter D. Clark.

The screening tests are driven across the city have also helped to identify 14 persons infected with the virus, bringing the total of confirmed cases to 1922, according to the SPO.

There are currently 160 active cases at Ottawa, of which 38 people are hospitalized because of complications related to the COVID-19.


“If we are not careful, we can still find ourselves in a situation where our hospitals are overwhelmed,” said the chief physician of the SPO, Vera Etches, the city council on Wednesday morning.

At the beginning of this meeting of the city council, the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, has indicated that the measures of distancing physics seem to be always respected by a majority of the citizens since the reopening of parks and outdoor sport facilities.

Mr. Watson announced that the department of municipal by-laws has responded to 175 calls denouncing situations that violate the rules in place to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19, of which 150 are situations that could be resolved after a simple warning.

COVID-19: trois nouveaux décès à Ottawa

The physician-in-chief of Ottawa public Health, Vera Etches

Patrick Woodbury, Archives The Right

Dr. Etches also recalls that it is important for all those who have symptoms of the novel coronavirus to pass a screening test.

“Less than 50% of people with symptoms present for a test before two days have passed, has pointed out Vera Etches Wednesday morning. It is necessary to go there immediately after the symptoms are felt to assist with the control of the transmission of the COVID-19.”

Help for restaurant owners

The director of planning, infrastructure and economic development, Stephen Willis, was presented to the municipal council on the broad guidelines of the economic recovery plan for post-pandemic the City on Wednesday.

Ottawa plans to direct the majority of its efforts and resources to help companies affected the most severely by the crisis of the COVID-19, or those in the retail trade and food services, entertainment and accommodation.

The city council has made a first step in this direction by agreeing to waive the fees associated with a permit for a restaurant that wants to install a terrace in front of his establishment, on the rights-of-way of the municipality.

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