COVID-19: Trump does not apply to repairs to the China

COVID-19: Trump n’écarte pas de demander des réparations à la Chine

The american president Donald Trump

27 April 2020 15: 16

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COVID-19: Trump does not apply to repairs to the China


Agence France-Presse


WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has raised Monday the possibility of a request to Beijing to pay billions of dollars in reparations for the damage caused by the new coronavirus, which emerged in the chinese city of Wuhan.

“We are unhappy with China”, the disease “could have been stopped at source and would not spread throughout the whole world,” said the american president during his press briefing daily devoted to the pandemic.

“There are many ways of engaging its responsibility, we are conducting a very serious investigation” on this subject, has added Donald Trump.

A reporter then asked about an editorial in the German magazine Bild, which asked Beijing to pay 165 billion dollars worth of repairs to Berli.

“We’re talking about a lot more money,” replied the billionaire republican. “We have not yet determined the final amount, but it is very high,” he added. “There has not been any damage just in the United States, but in the whole world,” he justified.

Nearly a million patients COVID-19 and 56 000 deaths have been identified in the United States where the economy is suffering cruelly of the containment measures taken to try to curb the pandemic.

“We will never forget these people who have been sacrificed because of incompetence, or perhaps something else, at a time when they would have been able to protect the world”, stated the american president.

For weeks, he accuses Beijing of being late to inform the world about the extent of the disease and minimize the number of people killed on its territory.

His administration has also indicated that it did not exclude the possibility that the new coronavirus has spread, accidentally, from a laboratory research on bats in Wuhan.

On the 18th of April, Donald Trump had already warned China against any possible “consequences” if it was “knowingly responsible” for the outbreak of coronavirus.



WASHINGTON — us president Donald Trump said Monday he never considered trying to defer the presidential election of November 3, due to the coronavirus.

“I never thought of changing the date (…) Why would I do that?”, he said during a press conference in the gardens of the White House.

A few days ago, her democratic opponent Joe Biden had predicted that the billionaire republican would do his utmost to postpone the date of the election.

“This is just propaganda fabricated” replied Mr Trump. AFP

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