Creed 2 : Career, evolution, and the woman’s place. We talked about Bianca with Tessa Thompson (EXCLUDED)

We discussed Bianca, pillar women’s Creed 2, embodied by Thessa Thompson with it

If I found that Creed 2 was an excellent movie, instead of the character of Bianca remains for me is its biggest weak point. Difficult to give an important place to a female character beyond its role as a confidante/advisor/worried woman in the license Rocky. The film continues to explore his musical career and you feel that the urge to give Tessa Thompson a character with more depth and it is, of course, the first point that we have dealt with it. And saw that I had interviewed Amber Heard for Aquaman the day, we also discussed the portrayal of women in film in recent years.

Creed 2 : Carri?re, ?volution et place de la femme. On a parl? de Bianca avec Tessa Thompson (EXCLU)

Now that Bianca fully share his life with Adonis, did you fear that it may become the “woman boxer” ?

No… Well, yes I was worried. But not because I was aware of it. Does that make sense ? *laughs* As it was one aspect that worried me, I knew that I would not let go in this direction. And I had faith in Steven Caple Jr. because he is very collaborative and wanted to ensure that it continues to be this character already established and has its own projects. For me, the important thing was that she continues to make music, not as a mother but always an artist.

Why Bianca does not get excited with Adonis for his obsession on Viktor Drago ?

I think she understands and it’s part of his job to be obsessed by his opponent. And in this case, it is more complicated because of the past and all that it brings with it. She fell in love with him as a boxer and it is something she accepts because it’s a part of him.

She has a career, she is pregnant, plays the diplomat and the counselor… does she have a weakness ?!

I’m not too sure. She is human so she has, but… It’s a good question. On reflection, it is perfect, too close to perfect in any case.

Creed 2 : Carri?re, ?volution et place de la femme. On a parl? de Bianca avec Tessa Thompson (EXCLU)

How would you see your character evolve in the future ?

I don’t really know but there are a lot of things to explore that would interest me. They have their child now and who knows how many years will have passed if you have the chance to make another Creed. But it would be a story line interesting to explore.

Amber Heard has told me that there was still not enough strong women in the movies. Do you think you have done your job as a Valkyrie and Bianca ?

In some way yes. It is a little the topic of the moment, the place of women strong and in reality, I don’t know what that means now. For me, a strong character is a character well drawn, which is a real human being with its strengths and weaknesses. And I am grateful that some of my roles I have been able to do this because I cannot do anything else. In any case, nothing else would be interesting and I want to continue. It is inspiring to see women like Issa Ray or Lena Waithe, whose profile is not really represented in all this and who are going to do things for themselves.