Creed 2 : Family and heritage, we spoke with Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu (EXCLUDED)

The Russian duo of Creed 2 tells us about the relationship captivating that they have in the movie

I’ve said several times in my review of Creed 2, the relationship of the family Drago was one of the most interesting aspects of the film, even though Michael B. Jordan remains spotless. They have a nice not much to talk about, the relationship austere and complex, between a father very severe and an obedient son, and gives a result that is captivating. The opportunity to discuss with Dolph Lundgren of the resumption of this role has made him known to the world 30 years ago, as well as the relationship Ivan-Viktor, but also the special relationship of Florian Munteanu with his father, himself a boxer.

Creed 2 : Famille et h?ritage, on a parl? avec Dolph Lundgren et Florian Munteanu (EXCLU)

It is weird to take over the role of Ivan after so many years ?

D. L : It’s a little weird, but it is also the good. You never know what the following film reserve and I don’t have much reversed roles for The Expendables. But here it is 30 years later and of course I was nervous of not being good enough, that the movie would not be good enough. Creed has been a big success and the expectation was huge and the response from the public positive it makes me happy.

Why did you agree to come back ?

D. L : When I read the script, I was amazed. Probably one of the best I’ve ever read, the writing was impressive, and in fact, this kind of scripts don’t get that often in a career like mine, which gives a balance between the action raw, and the development of the characters.

Is it that you see Viktor as the product of the hate towards Rocky ?

F. M : I wouldn’t say hate. Rather, the circumstances and expectations coupled with the frustration of his father who have shaped what it is. Hate is a strong word, and negative.

D. L : It is rather overdue. Ivan has had a lot of pain in his life to what happened in the past. And he thinks that by using Viktor to win, he may regain all that he lost : respect, popularity, money and no longer have this pain. But this is not about any of that and he doesn’t realize it really.

Creed 2 : Famille et h?ritage, on a parl? avec Dolph Lundgren et Florian Munteanu (EXCLU)

The relationship between Ivan and Viktor is one of the central points of the film. How have you worked together to make it credible ?

*Dolph wants to leave Florian start and the second returns to him timidly the invitation* D. L : I’m going to do it son. *laughs* as Soon as I met him, I knew he had the right look for the role, that he was a good guy. And I immediately invited him to come train with me because I knew that when we would be on the set for the scenes emotional that I had seen in the script, it had to be better than we know each other well. Work together and train together in speaking with a Russian accent was the starting point of

Viktor seems to sometimes get lost, following the instructions of his father. That is what motivates him to continue ?

F. M. : of course, It has the respect. For me, a son should always have a certain respect for her father. This is something that I can understand because my father is my idol and the most important person in my life. I want to make him proud and if he says something, if he wants something, I’d still be willing to do it without necessarily asking questions and it is the same for Viktor. Even if he questions some things, he does it anyway because he is his father. There is also frustration and a bit of betrayal, because he ended up not understand the actions of his father.