Crime Time : season 2 is available on Studio+ !

Crime Time : La saison 2 est disponible sur Studio+ !

Season 2 of Crime Time is now available on the app Studio+. Go for it !

When Antonio “Tony” Padaratz decided to change his life, he does not do things in half (or smooth) ! In the season 1 Crime Time, we discovered this anti-hero that is captivating, and his social climbing so special… Willing to do anything to become famous, Tonio was successful and is now the star presenter of the show, which plunges its viewers into the hell of the favelas, “Hora de Perigo”… You have devoured all seven episodes of season 1 of Crime Time and do you want more ? Good news, the second season is available since last Friday on the app Studio+ ! And because it is hyper cool, we propose you to discover without further ado the first episode of this new bloody chapter. Sensitive souls, beware.

In season 2 of Crime Time, Tony will do anything to inflate the figures of his jewelry television and the save, really. Yes, now that he has reached the summit, our hero refuses to back down and if the violence of São Paulo is not enough, it is ready to create it himself… Until where will he go ? To find out, don’t miss the six episodes of season 2 of Crime Time, which is already available on the Studio+, the first app of series, short and premium. And good news, season 3 should not delay… eat here !