“Crimean Titan” again throws acid military occupiers resent

							«Крымский титан» опять выбрасывает кислоту, военные оккупантов негодуют

The plant “Crimean Titan” in the annexed Crimea continues to spill dangerous chemicals. Military occupation authorities of the Russian Federation massively request a transfer to other places and complain. This was reported by the MP Dmitry Tymchuk.

“According to operational data of the IP group, as 06.10.2018 g emission of chemical substances from kilocalories of the plant “Crimean Titan” in the occupied Crimea continues. Shore drive is trying to reinforce the plastic panels, but the desired effect is not achieved”

— Dmitry Tymchuk

Many Russian military is not only asking for the translation, but I wish the termination of the contract due to the difficult environmental situation, however, the command does not satisfy those reports that causes a wave of indignation among employees.

The plant’s management decided to resume production because of the protests of workers of “Titan”. Those left without work and salaries and demand to pay damages. But the local “authorities” do not want to accept the measures of social orientation, the occupiers easier to run the plant despite the monstrous environmental risks.

In early September it became known that “Titan” in the occupied Crimea stopped working, as evidence showed images from space. However, a few days later, residents began to complain of poor health and new emissions. According to the latest data, in the North of the Peninsula again recorded the excess of maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances in the air.