Crisis in Armenia: Premier Pashinyan resigned

							Кризис в Армении: премьер Пашинян ушел в отставку

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian resigns, what is going to be announced before the end of this week. According to Pashinian, the step he needs to do to ensure that the country held early parliamentary elections, scheduled for mid-December, said Pashinyan in an interview with France24.

							Кризис в Армении: премьер Пашинян ушел в отставку

Nikol Pashinyan

Prime Minister of Armenia

“Early elections should be held on 9 or 10 December, add or subtract a day. It will be in that period of time, so I’ll have to resign before October 16,”

Recall, October 8, 2018, after a week of protests in Yerevan, Armenia agreed to hold early parliamentary elections in December.

Earlier, on 2 October in Yerevan, thousands of people came to the rally to the building of the Armenian Parliament at the call of noted. This happened after the Parliament adopted at an extraordinary meeting in the second and final reading amendments to the law “On the rules of procedure of the National Assembly” which will allow MPs to hedge against the possible dissolution of Parliament.