Crossbow killing: the man portrayed as a guru of an esoteric sect

The case of the crossbow killing in Germany reveals every day its lot of details: the man discovered the body riddled with arrows behaved like the domineering guru of an esoteric sect with the other women found dead, according to medias.
This strange file, which combines suspicions of manipulation, including sexual, medieval esotericism and suicidal pact, has puzzled German opinion for several days.

And the mystery may not be cleared for a long time: the police said Wednesday it still need two to three weeks to obtain a first conclusive result, mainly because of the length of the biological examinations on the bodies of the five victims, four women and a man, found in southern and northern Germany, 600 kilometers away.

These people were clearly related to each other, including intimately, according to several media.

And the man, identified as Torsten WW, 53, seems to have played a central role in the group. According to RTL Germany and the daily Bild, he appears to have acted as a tyrannical guru to control the four women.


“The investigators suspect that they were all members of a kind of sexual group focused on the Middle Ages. Torsten W. might have been their guru, “said RTL.

Bild says he was “in touch with several of the women he controlled as a master.”

The 53-year-old man with his long white beard was holding a medieval shop in Rhineland-Palatinate (West), “Milites Conductius”, and organized sword fights at night. He had tattooed symbols of the alchemists, an esoteric movement alive in the Middle Ages and claiming to achieve the transmutation of metals

The dead bodies of the five victims were found in two stages, Saturday and Monday.

The police first discovered those of the man and two women, Kerstin E. and Farina C., the body pierced with crossbow bolts, in a hotel room in Passau, Bavaria. The trio had arrived there the night before.

The other two victims, Gertrud C. and Carina U., were found dead in the apartment of Farina C., more than 600 km north, in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony.

Carina U., only 19 years old, had become depressed and had cut off contact with her parents under the influence of Torsten W., told them to RTL-Germany. She had met him during training in combat sports.

His mother remembers that there was only one for “Torsten, Torsten, Torsten” while his father admits he still does not understand how “someone can handle another person like this in four to six weeks” Because his daughter was previously “happy”.

Alexander Kr├╝ger, a former owner of the alleged guru in 2017, told the daily newspaper Bild that he was living at the time with a lesbian couple to whom he gave very nasty orders.

The “body language (of women) was devout, head down,” remembers the one who had never heard a “tone so hard”.

The owner eventually evicted the man after being hit by him.

Suicidal pact?

The investigators are moving in this context always towards the track of a suicidal pact, without a clear reason being still defined.

Torsten W. and Kerstin E., who were living as a couple, were killed by a shot in the heart.

Other cells were later fired post-mortem, some of them in the head, probably by the third victim, Farina C., a 30-year-old woman who then allegedly shot herself at the crossbow while shooting a tile in her neck. .

“There is no evidence that there may have been a fight between those present” in the room, police said.

Regarding the bodies of the last two women, Carina U. and Gertrud C., again the autopsy found “no sign of external violence”. And their death, whose cause remains unknown, dates back to “a few days,” police said.

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