Crown seeks prison for abuser of RTC driver

A 21-year-old Vincent Dallaire, who brutally punched a RTC bus driver, faces a 90-day prison sentence.
C ‘is the suggestion that the Crown prosecutor M e Matthew Rochette made to the court, even if the young man is without a criminal record. The pre-sentence report and Dallaire’s refusal to answer certain questions from the probation officer prompt the Crown to seek a deterrent sentence.

On May 8, 2018, Vincent Dallaire wanted to enter a bus even though his Opus card had expired. Faced with the driver’s refusal, he became angry and began shouting that he would be late for an exam at the university. Dallaire finally punched the driver’s face. He got off the bus with death threats.

The driver, who had 34 years of experience, suffered a concussion and a broken nose.

In his statement of the victim about the consequences of the crime, the driver explained that he had taken a premature retirement after the assault.

Application for absolution

Vincent Dallaire pleaded guilty in March to assault and threats.

On Monday, in front of many fellow assaulting bus driver, counsel for Defense M e Félix-Antoine-Turmel Doyon requested a conditional discharge for his young client, who was a first appearance before the court.

This absolution could be conditional on the execution of 200 to 240 hours of community work.

Dallaire has already started therapy, his lawyer says, to avoid getting angry again.

Judge René de la Sablonnière will announce his decision on August 20th.

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