Crystal night : the warning of Angela Merkel

Nuit de cristal : la mise en garde d'Angela Merkel

REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Nuit de cristal : la mise en garde d'Angela Merkel

The German leaders have warned Friday against the resurgence of anti-semitism and the rise of the extreme right during the celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of the “kristallnacht”, the pogrom that heralded the Holocaust.

“The State must act consistently against exclusion, anti-semitism, racism and right-wing extremism”, has judged the German chancellor Angela Merkel during a speech in the largest synagogue in Germany, in Berlin.

The leader, all dressed in black, showed the finger at those who “react with responses supposedly simple difficulties” of the present time, a reference to the rise of populism and the extreme right in Germany and in Europe.

In this place of worship, desecrated by the nazis 80 years ago to the day, the president of the central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster went even further in invectivant the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD), which seat from one year to the Bundestag, calling its members“incendiary moral”.

Some executives of the party have held about the polemics on the Shoah and the duty of memory in Germany. They also take a discourse of islamophobia is mainly aimed at the hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers who arrived in the country since 2015.

Mr. Schuster has described as “a shame for our country,” the aggression committed against the jews, but also against the muslim refugees.

A few minutes earlier, at a ceremony in the chamber of deputies, the president of germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier denounced the emergence in Europe of a “new nationalism” nostalgic, according to him, “an old world perfect that has in reality never existed”.

Back on the Night of the broken glass

November 9, 1938, anti-jewish pogroms, called the Night of crystal or Night of broken glass, spreading across the Germany.

Presented as a spontaneous reaction to the murder of a member of the German embassy in Paris by a Polish-Jewish, these anti-semitic violence are in fact guided from the top of the State, 15 years to the day after the putsch missed the Brewery.

Members of the SA, SS and hitler Youth destroyed on the territory of the Reich places of worship jews and fronts of shops owned by Jews.

At least 90 Jews were killed and 30,000 deported to concentration camps. This explosion of violence has marked, according to the historians, the beginning of the campaign of extermination of the Jews by the nazi regime.

Many Germans commemorate the Night by polishing or by depositing the flowers on the “Stolpersteine”, thousands of small brass plates embedded between cobblestones to identify the victims and their address.

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