Cyril Hanouna (Touch Not My Post) : After Booba and Kaaris, it offers a fight to his enemies Yann Barthes and JoeyStarr

Inspired by the fight that should play out between the rappers Booba and Kaaris, Cyril Hanouna has proposed to do the same things with his enemies in the PAF.

If you missed the show Not Touch My Post of January 7, 2019, there is still time to catch up to you. After the end of the year holidays, Cyril Hanouna and his team have done their back to school and the least we can say is that they were not discrete. In fact, Baba commented on the boxing match that wish to organize rappers Booba and Kaaris. Between the two artists, the cloth is still burning, despite their conviction and 18-month suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine after their brawl at the airport of Orly in Paris. Result, the host of C8 had a small idea and wants to organize a fight on a ring with his enemies in the PAF.

Cyril Hanouna (Touche Pas à Mon Poste) : Après Booba et Kaaris, il propose un combat à ses ennemis  Yann Barthès et JoeyStarr

“I make a call, frankly, if Yann Barthes wants to fight against me, or Alain Chabat, or JoeyStarr, or if they want to fight at three against me, there is no worry” he said very seriously on the set of TPMP, adding that he reverserait the gains of an association. I prefer it that way than fight in the street. I’m a fan of combat sport, and the first thing you learn is not to be violent in the street. I hope that we will manage to organize it,” he added. Although Alain Chabat or even Yann Barthes will certainly not bother to reply to this invitation, JoeyStarr him, could perhaps be tempted. In any case, if this should happen, Baba is confident that”they would be up in arms” at the end… In the meantime, Cyril Hanouna has sent a nice message to his fans for the return of Key Not at My Post on the antenna.