Dad in the building: Moustache explained the controversial remark after the battle with Gassieva

Батя в здании: Усик объяснил скандальную реплику после боя с Гассиевым

The absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk told, this was addressed to the phrase “dad is in the house!” after a fight in Moscow, reports politeka

It turned out that the shout was addressed to father Vasyl Lomachenko — Anatolia, who secretly coached Mustache before the fight with Gassieva.

Taking the lead microphone, a 31-year-old krymchanin shouted: “Olympic”, thank you! People, countrymen, and those who support, thank you. Moscow-the 2018! BA-am! Dad in the building!”. On the question of what this phrase means, Alexander responded with humor: “So I said Hello Anatoly Nikolayevich Lomachenko. He was in the building.”

Journalists asked what drew the attention of the boxer during the fight he heard.

“Anatoly Nikolayevich. And support from the stands. Heard and Basil. Tried to do everything that was demanded by the coach. He voice is not disrupted,” answered Barbel.

Батя в здании: Усик объяснил скандальную реплику после боя с Гассиевым

Journalists also noticed that fasten at four champion belts and at the same time raise the Cup was not easy

“They’ve helped. One could not pick up. The fight ended, they began to hang round belts. I exhaled and realized that it is difficult. Realized that I need to quickly take notes and get everyone to stand freely. Hard hanging there, then zipped up,” — said the Mustache.

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